A complete guide to online Bingo

A complete guide to online Bingo

You may have experienced the edge-of-the-seat excitement of a Bingo game at a land-based Bingo Hall, but have you ventured into the world of online Bingo? Sleek graphics, fantastical themes, and huge prizes up for grabs! Sounds good, right? If we’ve piqued your interest, then read on as we explain all you need to know about online Bingo. 

What is Online Bingo?

In terms of the games’ basic, online Bingo games are pretty much exactly the same as the game you’d expect to play at a land-based Bingo Hall. But the difference is, you can play wherever and whenever you like, across multiple devices. Just visit bingo.paddypower.com for example, or your chosen Bingo site, sign up and make a deposit, and you can get buying Bingo tickets and playing the game there and then. With online Bingo, you can still experience all the gripping action and be in with the chance of winning some impressive prizes. 

When you play online Bingo, instead of a clunky Bingo machine that the balls rattle around in, before the cheesy Bingo caller announces each number, all numbers are digitally called and selected by the computer using random number generator (RNG) software. 

A complete guide to online Bingo

How to play online Bingo

The first step for playing online Bingo is to open up a browser and click on your chosen gaming site, which is as simple as it sounds. You’ll be presented with a lobby that’s jam-packed with a variety of Bingo rooms and games. Usually, you then have to create an account and submit your first deposit if you haven’t already signed up to the site. 

From there, you’ll have to choose the type of game you wish to play. The best starting point is to go with a Bingo game that is about to begin so that you have no time to wait. Or you can go for a firm favorite of yours or a game that has a theme that you like the look of. 

Once you enter the room or the game-specific page, you can go ahead and purchase tickets using the cash from your deposit. You can either buy tickets singularly or a collection of tickets, known as a strip. Make sure to check out the game’s info so you know the limit on tickets, the rules of the game, and what prizes you can win. 

If you’ve done all that, then the Bingo action can begin! Depending on which game you choose to play, there may be specific rules, but usually, the basics of the game are pretty much the same across the board. You’ll have a selection of numbers on your ticket that will be marked off as they are called. Mark off the numbers in a line, pattern, or all of them in order to win a prize. 

A complete guide to online Bingo

What are the different Bingo games?

Other than choosing a game based on when it’s beginning, you can decide which game to play next depending on the style, theme, or number of balls involved. The most commonly played game is the classic 90-ball Bingo, but online, you can find games ranging from 30 to 80 Bingo balls. 

And that’s not all — each of these Bingo games come in a variety of themes, meaning you can be entering the kingdom of the Greek gods one minute and relying on the luck of the Irish the next. 

You can also choose your next game based on the prizes on offer. Some Bingo games are linked to a progressive prize pool, which means you could win an impressively sized jackpot if the numbers are in your favor. 

Fancy a break from the traditional Bingo games? Then you’ll be pleased to know that with an online Bingo site, you can experience speedy Bingo games or even inventive hybrids such as Slingo. The world is truly your oyster, as you let the mood take you on an exciting Bingo journey. 


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