6 Website Logo Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

6 Website Logo Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Every website has a logo at the top to make the web pages an authentic source of information. The website logo, however, must be a unique design to build trust and convey the brand message. But many website owners make mistakes in creating website logos. As a result, viewers who cannot notice the logo or get a wrong impression can ruin your business prospect.

When a prospective customer visits a website, ideally, the first element to see should be its logo. If for any reason, the visitors miss glancing at the logo, they will fail to recall your brand. This is because people usually associate a logo image with its brand. Therefore, a logo on the website should be part of the website design.

Unfortunately, many website owners do not care about the significance of their logos in promoting their business. They carelessly put a logo, their brand identity, anywhere they want and end up paying the price as they fail to build a solid customer base.

Here are common website logo mistakes to avoid

Your logo is too small or big

Some websites have their logos in smaller sizes, so visitors cannot see them instantly for the first impression. But they should get your brand message immediately by visiting the logo, which is vital for brand messaging.

A small logo also is legibility problematic since its subtle design elements are not visible instantly. That is why it is advisable to create a custom logo design that is larger than your navigational menu elements so that the logo can stand out. Visitors of your website instantly locate such a logo on a webpage among a crowd of other visuals. After all, you would not like the visitors to navigate around your web pages without taking note of your logo.

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Similarly, some websites have oversized logos, which they think will drive people’s attention immediately. But a more prominent logo may not be a good decision. If the logo looks disproportionately big on the top of your web page, it may create a wrong perception of your business. The logo’s disproportionate bigger size will look like an odd image or symbol on the page, creating some sort of visual chaos. Such a logo may not suit the aesthetic sense of visitors.

A large logo will also occupy much space, which you would have otherwise utilized for navigational items and branding elements. It may also be causing an obstacle in your scheme of visual hierarchy. Moreover, a giant logo might also dominate your entire page visually, which will distract the visitor from the other crucial content of the page. Sometimes, that also becomes a cause of visitors leaving a website.

The logo is not unique

Another mistake most website owners make is that their logos are not unique. A logo must stand out in its design and use of elements from the rest of dozens of logos in a niche. If your logo looks somewhat similar, it gives a wrong impression about your business and its products or services. Such a routine design builds the perception that your products or services also do not stand out, which may damage your business and reputation.

People like to buy things they can trust in terms of quality and usefulness. A unique logo design builds this perception about the brand it represents.

So, ensure that your logo designer creates an outstanding design that conveys your brand message and personality. When your target customers visit your website, the logo must represent your brand adequately through its design.

To create a unique custom logo, you should look at your competitors’ logos and evaluate their colors, fonts, and other elements. But remember that a unique design is a simple idea since people avoid looking at a complex logo with many colors and other elements.

Your website logo is blurry

If your logo becomes pixelated when you scale up, it will become blurry for the viewers. Text may not be visible or legible. So, check if the file is in the proper format.

A solution to the problem is to prefer a PNG file rather than a JPEG. With a JPEG file, the image formation gets distorted when scaling up. A PNG is free from glitches, and you no need to worry about image quality. The image will be visible and legible even when scaled up or down.

Also, it is advisable to use vector graphics software such as CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator to design a logo. A vector graphic gives visual consistency everywhere and across all devices. Avoid using raster images for your logo since raster can cause reproductive issues.

Logo does not comply with all devices

A website logo may look good on a desktop, but it is a less impressive image on laptops, smartphones, and other such devices. Therefore, you need to create a responsive web page design that automatically enables your desktop website to adjust its elements for different screen sizes. That is the way to keep the high quality of your logo design across all devices.

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Therefore, ensure that your logo design is such that its elements do not blur or become disproportionate on different computer devices.

Your logo is not fully visible

The header in a website layout is the top part of the page and is also referred to as Site Menu, where navigational buttons are lined up. Some websites have their logos on the header but in a way that the logo is cut off and becomes half visible.

That leaves a wrong perception of your business. So, think of where to place your logo on the website. When you put it on your website header, do not put it too close to the header or the margins because the logo will get cut off, and only a part will be visible.

Your logo placement is not perfect

Where should your logo appear on your website? That is a crucial question to answer. If you randomly place it anywhere, the logo will go unnoticed. A widely accepted rule is to place the logo on the top left corner of the website.

This is because visitors tend to look at the left top corner before scanning the page to the right and elsewhere. Our eyes look to the left first because most languages are written left to right. So, our eyes are trained to look at the left first.

So, avoid placing your logo on the right side of your website as visitors may miss looking at that corner. Also, a centrally placed logo is not advisable for websites. Most link buttons are in the center, which means that a logo may distract viewers from setting their eyes on navigation buttons.


A logo is a crucial brand identity, but visitors will fail to notice if it is in the wrong place on a website. There are other website logo mistakes, including a too big or small logo, blurry logo, unresponsive logo, and it is not fully visible. Ensure that you resolve these issues so your target audience can get your brand message adequately.

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