6 Hidden Object And Collecting Games

6 Hidden Object And Collecting Games

Attention games, as well as mobile collecting games, arouse the interest of gamers of all ages, from a few years old to deep gray hair. It is always interesting to test your attention, find the hidden, and unravel the most exciting puzzle.

In addition, these games train attention, the ability to distinguish colors, and excellent eye training.


There is a lot hidden under the leaves, and you have to treat each object you are looking for carefully.

The first levels have a lot of contrast, so it’s easy to find fish for the polar bear and acorns for the boar. But as you go further, you’ll have to look for green objects against the same background and dark blue ones hidden against the sky. The game has a number of distinctive features:

  1. Nice watercolor drawings, previously used in children’s books.
  2. Unobtrusive melody and nature sounds.
  3. 9 locations and 29 animated animals, giving quests.

The game is simple and does not require supernatural attention, but at times you will have to try hard to find the remaining 1-2 items. Help the animals unlock locations and enjoy the beautiful views.

6 Hidden Object And Collecting Games


A small meteorite has fallen on one peaceful, tiny planet, and now the rift has made an enormous difference. It’s up to you to get things back to the way they were. To do this, repair the mechanisms, and collect the mosaic of the world around you. The project is made in a colorful drawing style and has many features:

  1. Complete absence of text.
  2. Universally suitable for gamers of all ages.
  3. Musical accompaniment helps you to immerse yourself in the game world even better.
  4. Intuitive controls.

Immerse yourself in the world of a small planet and enjoy every moment. The opportunity to restore the planet’s viability is sure to make for a great adventure.


The Room 4: Old Sins is perfect for fans of room quests, where you’ll have to do your best to get out of the room. In this part, the place of action is a dollhouse, which will have to look at all possible angles to explore every room and find the missing engineer and his wife. The project has several distinctive features:

  1. Many levels.
  2. A vast number of puzzles.
  3. Mystical atmosphere.
  4. To open a lock in a room, it is often necessary to be careful in the previous two.

Remember each slot for installation so that when you find the right key, you can quickly return to the right place. Go on an adventure through the dollhouse, and try to find the missing people. Deal with magical obstacles, and find the best solution to the unfolding circumstances.

6 Hidden Object And Collecting Games


The game invites you to get acquainted with the story of the Vanderboom family, which only outwardly resembles ordinary people. In practice, it is a representation of the tragic fate of far from ordinary people, most of whom were outstanding personalities. Plant a seed and grow a magic tree, study the biographies and life events of your ancestors. The developers from Rusty Lake have put a lot of features into the game:

  1. An uncomplicated, exciting story.
  2. Simple gameplay that implies a high attention span.
  3. A sense of humor at a reasonably high level.

Investigate the past, build your own theories and find the correct options for solving puzzles. Find all the puzzle elements to gather a complete picture of your ancestors.


Become a journalist researching traffic accidents in different periods. The protagonist has terrific luck, which makes him regularly get into accidents with many victims. First aid skills have been honed to perfection, and now you can even try to save all the injured with your own hands. In this case, the rescue of the wounded cannot be entrusted to the same, because of which you will have to take into account several nuances:

  1. It is necessary to constantly make decisions without delay and the right to make a mistake.
  2. Time is quite successfully reeled off to try to save everyone.
  3. Proceed to search for shrapnel and evidence immediately after first aid.
  4. Often even minor details can help the investigation.

Examine the scene, find evidence, and determine the cause of the accident. The experience you gain in the game is sure to help if you are unlucky enough to encounter similar circumstances in person.

6 Hidden Object And Collecting Games


Quite a simple game where you have to get out of a problematic situation, save the kingdom, or just collect and hide magical artifacts. You are a member of the Order of Griffins, and it is your task to protect the world around you from many threats. The plot of each part is as concise as possible and offers a lot of features:

  1. The high quality of drawing and the aesthetics of the locations.
  2. The search for items is paired with the collection of artifacts.
  3. There is always an extra chapter in the puzzle.
  4. The ability to take 100% of the achievements in just one walkthrough.

The game is delightful with cutscenes that are beautifully rendered and with the storyline fully revealed. Try to solve the most exciting puzzles. Each part takes only 1.5-2 hours, but they are memorable for a long time.


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