5 Tips and Tricks for Winning Sabong Online (Easy to Follow)

5 Tips and Tricks for Winning Sabong Online (Easy to Follow)

Cockfighting, commonly known as sabong, is an ancient form of entertainment. Many people watch it for entertainment, stress relief, or gambling, and you can do too. Even better, you don’t have to physically visit the sabong den because there are online platforms such as online sabong ph where you can play. However, like other online games, you must have a plan to win. Below are tips and tricks to help you win most of those games.

Mind the Platform you Play On

You must mind the platform you play on. Ensure that the gambling website doesn’t violate the rules set by relevant authorities. Going through the website and looking for a mention of compliance is one of the ways of doing this. In addition, you should ensure that the platform is secure so that you don’t lose your money when transacting on it. Besides that, it will help to read reviews of other users which will help you determine if the gambling website is fair in its cockfights.

Know How to Differentiate a Gamecock from a Regular Roster

Winning a cockfight also requires you to know the difference between a regular roster and a gamecock. This is because regular rosters can appear big but can’t stand a fight against a gamefowl—some of the features to use in identification include aggression, agility, and speed. Knowing how to differentiate will save you a lot because you won’t be basing your prediction on size alone.

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Master the Rules

Cockfighting, like other forms of online games, has rules that control the game. Playing without mastering those rules is a surefire way of losing your money. It would be best first to understand the terms used for the favorite cock and the underdog. You can then learn how to observe them and place your bet. You can practice using free virtual cockfights before playing real money games.

Choose a Game fowl with Winning Track Record

In addition, choosing a gamefowl with an impressive winning record would be best. You can learn this through the announcer’s statistics or the results of previous fights. Chances of a previously successful gamecock winning are comparatively high. Therefore, ensure you check the records before placing your bet.

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Consider the Form of Your Favorite Roster

The form is also essential when deciding where to place your bet. Sometimes the cocks can get performance-altering injuries. It would be best to check the recent performance of your favorite cock before placing your bet. As much as it has a winning record, the most recent performance can help you determine the outcome and place your bet accordingly.


It’s no secret that online platforms such as online sabong ph have made betting on cockfights easy. However, cockfights aren’t as straightforward as you might think. You must carefully choose the platform you play on and master the rules to win. In addition, there are other things you must consider. To that end, using the tips you have read in this article when playing these games would be best. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the games and much more.

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