5 Strategies for Horse Racing Betting Success

5 Strategies for Horse Racing Betting Success

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world, and its popularity is heavily dependent on betting. It is unimaginable to have a horse race without the betting process, which is why many people love the sport.

The excitement of the races, plus the chance to win a significant amount of money, makes horse racing a top sport in the world.

Additionally, horse racing has a unique betting system, and its unpredictability sets high odds-on bets making for a huge profit at the end of the race.

But hold your horses. Horse racing betting is far more complicated than it seems, and making the right bet requires more than just a lucky guess, especially in the long run.

It requires a rock-solid strategy in order to increase your chances of picking the right horse and making the right bet. Plus, you need knowledge about horse form and also past editions of the event you are betting on. For example, it is a good idea to look at the profile of the Breeders Cup winners by year before betting on it for the first time.

So, in today’s article, we decided to cover some of the best horse-racing betting strategies that will help you increase your winning chances.

Best Horse Racing Betting Strategies

80/20 System

The 80/20 system is a commonly used strategy by professional horse racing bettors. It is a strategy for where people can earn from betting by diversifying their bets and choosing win and place bets.

If you need to apply this horse race betting strategy, you will want to put 20% of your money on the horse to win the race and 80% of your money towards a horse to finish with a place.

Many bettors who have just started the 80/20 machine marvel at how this gadget can assist them in winning.

First, you need to remember that anything could occur in a race. Picking this strategy also requires a lot of research beforehand just so you can make a wiser bet on the race.

Even though this strategy doesn’t have high returns, it is the most sustainable and will enable you to lock in long-term profit.

The Dutch Betting Strategy

Even though making research about all the contenders in a horse race is really important, you shouldn’t devote all your time to handicapping a race. The Dutch betting strategy has a rather different approach, where this type of betting is where you need to bet on more than one possible outcome of the same race instead of backing just one horse.

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The Dutch betting strategy is very popular in horse racing and football, just because it increases your winning chances but also lowers your return on investment.

This is a more profitable strategy for people that want long-term success in horse racing.

The Place Laying System

This is another popular strategy that horse racing bettors use; even though it is a system, it is quite easy to follow, even for beginners.

When using this strategy, you need to lay two horses with low odds in a similar race. However, this strategy suggests that you must pick a race between 5 and 7 contenders in order to increase your winning chances.

The idea is to pick two low-odd horses that won’t finish first or second place. This is why you pick the lowest odds in the lineup, just so you can increase your winnings.

The Yankee Strategy

One of the oldest horse racing betting strategies in this selection is the Yankee Betting Strategy, which is why it is called the grandfather of all betting strategies.

In order to make it work, you need to choose at least two of the four horses to win or get placed in a race.

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Exacta Strategy

We all want big profits when betting on a horse race, but most of these strategies are safer, which means that you’ll win less money. With that said, the exacta bet strategy will allow you to win more money.

The goal here is to pick the top two picks in a horse race, the ones with the lowest odds, and place an exacta bet that shouldn’t be a lot of money. Considering that you have to pick the correct order of the top two horses, this strategy can bring you a lot of money.

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