25 Space Marine Facts You Didn’t Know

The fact of space travel

The Necrons may be the best first army when it comes to the facts of space and 40 kilometres of history, but there’s a lot to discover and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. You may already know that the Space Marines have super-soldiers in armor. But here are 25 facts about the Space Marine Corps that might shock you!

Facts about space technology

Space plant #01

Space infatuators get a second heart. It’s not just a backup in case of an injury. You can use a second heart to speed up the blood circulation in the body to increase speed and strength.

Spatial factor No 02

For the space infantry there was the Thunder Legion or the Thunder Warriors. They were bigger, faster and stronger than the modern astrostates, but their life cycle was much shorter.

Watch this video and let us read you our 25 facts about the cosmic sea!

Space Navy Factor #03

Within two years of its introduction in all Space Marines, the Ossmodule implant will be placed, making the marines’ bones bigger and stronger and connecting the chest to a strong bulletproof shell.

Space plant #04

There are 20 original maritime space regions, created from the genetic seed of the corresponding primary.

The imperial archives could convince you that there are only 18 maritime space regions, 2 of which have been covered. When you consider that 9 legions of chaos haven’t been eliminated, you think of the 2 that should have been.

Spatial factor No 05

Belisarius Cole gave the Primaris Marines 3 extra implants compared to the traditional Space Marines. One of them is the Magnificent, known as the worshipper, who creates prime numbers. However, it is only half full because the other half of the data used to make this implant was removed by an unknown entity. 't-Know.jpeg Space data

Room Factor #06

Most warships operate two or three enormous warships, which are called battleships.

These spaceships were designed during the Great Crusade with one primary goal… Storm the other planets!

Room Factor #07

Space people get a multi-lung implant. This third lung allows them to breathe in oxygen-deficient environments, in toxic environments and even under water!

Spatial factor No 08

The seat of the Space Department is located in a large castle complex, the Vestingklooster.

The privileged location of the castle monastery is on the imperial planet, where the chief governor acts as governor of the planet.

Space files No 09

Most people think the emperor created 20 mayors. But in reality there are 21!

That’s because one of the mayors of the Legion appeared as twins. The twin mayors of the Alfa Legion, called Alpharius and Omegon.

Spatial factor No 10

Since the time of Mount Heresy, the faithful cosmic legions of the sea have been divided into 1,000 human heads and are only subordinate to the emperor himself.

It’s to ensure that no one alone can control a legion of 100,000 or more space infantry.

Spatial factor No 11

Space infantrymen have a black shell under their skin that allows them to come into direct contact with their armour and even with vehicles. The Black Carapas was designed by Amar Astarte, but it was imperfect and could not be used until Ezekiel Sedain improved it.

Spatial factor No 12

There are several tests to become a space foot soldier.

Those who pass the first test are called neophytes and undergo surgery and genetic modification. If they fail but survive, they stay as Chief Surfers or become servants of the Chief and help create more Space Marines.

Spatial factor No 13

After the last unification war the emperor decided to silence the last Thunder Warriors (predecessors of the Space Infantry) and ordered the Order of the Legion to destroy them forever. Only the Castodas were able to defeat the Thunder Warriors because of their superior capabilities compared to the new space infantry.

Spatial factor No 14

Each faction of the Space Marine Corps has 10 companies with 100 soldiers each. The first one. Companies are mostly veterans of this faction, who are preferred with Terminator armor suits, while the 10th company is the most preferred. The company usually has to deal with recruits and people who have not yet been promoted.

Spatial factor No 15

The infantrymen in the room follow the Astarta code. This text describes the chapter structure, tactical roles, equipment specifications and much more. However, the cult of the emperor regards it as a religious text, partly because he believes that the space foot soldiers are the angels of death.

Spatial factor No 16

Although the leaders of the Space Marine Corps are autonomous, they are under the authority of none other than the Emperor himself. They can all be reprimanded by the Inquisition if there is a suspicion of heresy.

Spatial factor No 17

Since the first formation of the original 20 legions of the Space Marine Corps. So far, 26 discoveries have been made. The most recent foundation is the Ultima Foundation of the Primaris Space Marines.

The fact of space travel

Spatial factor No 18

Librarians of space infantry have mastered four mental disciplines.

  1. Librarius, i.e. specialized research and knowledge.
  2. The technology that allows them to manipulate the technology.
  3. The fulmination, which allows them to manipulate the lightning energy of the curvature.
  4. Geokinesis, allowing them to manipulate the earth and soil.

Space factor 19

According to some books, a spaceship can fly at about 21 km/h and maintain that speed for about 20 hours before it gets tired.

However, it was found that they could reach a speed of about 85 km/h during the sprint, but for a shorter period of time. This makes her sprint a little slower than the top speed of cheetahs!

Spatial factor No 20

When a famous fighting brother falls into battle, his body is transported in a sarcophagus armour that allows him to survive. The sarcophagus is then connected to the body of the Dreadnought so that the fallen Space Marines can fight again.

Spatial factor No 21

It is generally assumed that a spacecraft can lift about 2,000 kg on average. By comparison: Paul Anderson has the record for the heaviest weight lifted by a man, with 2,840 kg on his back. This is reflected in the game, because some people who are not promoted sometimes have the same strength as the average space foot soldier (Force 4).

Spatial factor No 22

Victims of the space fantasy are exposed to a massacre, a duel of death between two midshipmen of the space fantasy. This is to limit the number of candidates to the number that space enthusiasts want to recruit. Often many rounds are done because so many people want to become space foot soldiers. The age of aerospace graduates is generally between 16 and 18 years.

Space factor 23

All spacemen use the Immortal possibility before they kill, which means spacemen don’t die of old age. Some of the Chaos Marines have lived in space for over 10,000 years and are still in service. But the oldest loyal foot soldier in space is only about 1500 years old. It seems that the Empire is not as good for your health as living in the ocean of terror!

Spatial factor No 24

The process of recruiting and indoctrinating new marines can take up to eight years.

Recruitment starts at the age of 10 and includes various tests and operations. It wasn’t until they were 18 years old that they joined the Sea Scout troop. Some of them are injected at the age of 16!

Spatial factor No 25

The early space infantrymen were known as the Grey Legion before they were divided into 20 original chapters. Their original emblem was the thunderbolt and thunderbolt of imperial unity.

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