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The Pokémon franchise has been around for over 20 years and is still going strong. With the release of Pokémon Let’s Go, players are getting a chance to play as their favorite Pokémon in a new way. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best starter Pokémon from the main series games that should be starters in Let’s Go.

The pokemon that could be starters is a topic about what Pokemon should be the starter. This article will give you 15 Pokémon that could be starters, and our top picks for each one.

In every Pokémon game, the most crucial choice you’ll make is which starter to use. The ten best starter Pokémon ever have been ranked by Sports Illustrated. However, in Pokemon Go, players can buy Pokemon Go accounts for sale to access rare and powerful Pokemon that they may not be able to obtain otherwise. These accounts can provide players with a variety of features that enhance their gameplay experience, including rare Pokemon, high levels, and access to exclusive in-game items.

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This determines not just which Pokémon your opponent and perhaps the champion possesses, but also who will be your primary companion for the next 20-40 hours.

For this list, I’ve included Pokémon that I believe would make excellent starters, whether as part of a new type trio like Grass/Fire/Water or as a single Pokémon.

It’s worth noting that not all of them will be great, but I believe they’ll be entertaining. Let’s get started!


15. Magby

Magby Screenshot from Pokemon anime

Let’s start with a group of three: Fire, Ice, and Ground.

I also thought it would be great to utilize Magby to put out the fire.

The Magby line is a fantastic group of Fire-types with excellent Special Attack and speed.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t intended to be an evolutionary line, I find the development from Magby to Magmar to Magmortar to be extremely gratifying.

However, all three Pokémon have one major flaw.

They have a strange appearance!

I believe it’s the mix of those lips and the butts-like heads. In the end, however, it’s all worth it since Magmortar receives Mega Man-style arm cannons.


Vanillite (number 14)

Vanillite Pokemon anime screenshot

When it comes to appearances, Vanillite is yet another odd option.

I mean, the whole line is comprised of ice cream cones.

However, what these Pokémon lack in creativity, they make up for in efficacy.

This is mostly due to Snow Stream.

This ability was given to Vanilluxe, the ultimate form of Vanillite, in generation 7. As soon as Vanilluxe joins the fight, it may summon Hail. This is not only an excellent method to inflict chip damage on your opponent, but it also ensures that Blizzard never misses.

That’s fantastic!

Vanilluxe suddenly becomes a significant danger in any fight. Isn’t it looking a little less ridiculous now?

(Vanilluxe continues to be amusing.)


Sandile is 13 years old.

Sandile Pokemon in the anime

Sandile is the last Pokémon in this trio, and it’s the one I believe works best as a starting out of all of them:

Sandile is a fantastic Ground/Dark-type Pokémon that can develop into Krookodile, one of the game’s most deadly Pokémon if you’re not careful.

It not only has a high Attack stat, but it also has amazing skills like Intimidate and Moxie.

But it’s much more than just looking good and being powerful that makes the Sandile line function as a beginning.

It’s mainly due to the fact that they all resemble animals.

When you look at any of the original starters, you’ll see that they’re all animal-themed. Even if Magby and Vanillite don’t match that description, I believe this would be a fun starting trio.


Togepi (12.)

Togepi from the Pokemon anime

Pokémon enthusiasts of all ages were able to return the Kanto area in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, but this time with a Pokémon Go fair.

And when you select which edition to buy, you also get to choose your starter, who will accompany you throughout your adventure!

If we were to do something similar with Johto, I believe Togepi would be an excellent choice.

It has a strong anime vibe to it, it’s very adorable, and I’m excited to see what new innovative movements they come up with for it!


Tyrogue is number eleven.

Tyrogue / Pokemon anime screenshot

Tyrogue is another another of my single Pokémon choices, although this time for a different reason.

Tyrogue has the unique ability to develop into any of the three “Hitmon” Pokémon: Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, or Hitmontop.

Which one you receive is determined on how Tyrogue is raised.

Hitmonlee is obtained by having a higher attack, Hitmonchan is obtained by having a higher defense, and Hitmontop is obtained by having both stats equal.

All three are capable fighters that have distinct roles on your squad.

The only thing that would make this worse is how difficult it would be to get Hitmontop!

As a child, I recall attempting to accomplish this for weeks. It’s not enjoyable.


Rhyhorn is number ten.

Rhyhorn from the Pokemon anime

It’s time for another group!

We’re aiming for Rock, Ice, and Grass this time.

While there are many choices for each of these kinds, I believe I’ll have to settle with Rhyhorn for Rock.

Rhyhorn has been a part of the game from the beginning, and I mean that!

Rhydon, its initial evolution, was the very first Pokémon ever created. Why shouldn’t the first Pokémon be the one you choose to begin with?

Unfortunately, Rhyhorn’s additional Ground type makes him vulnerable to both Ice and Grass, causing him to take a lot of damage.


9. Spheal

Spheal Pokemon in the anime

Spheal, who represents the Ice-type in this group, is next.

Spheal is ridiculously cute, and he’s even cuter in New Pokémon Snap.

This tiny roley-poley, however, has more to it than meets the eye. Walrein, its ultimate form, is another hefty Pokémon with a good Special Attack.

You had a Walrein on your squad if you were playing Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and required an Ice-type.

Spheal’s only major flaw as a starter in this group is that its additional Water typing enables it to effectively counteract its Grass-type cousin.

Despite this, I believe Spheal would be a great option.


Sewaddle (n.d.)

Sewaddle Pokemon anime screenshot

Sewaddle is a Gen 5 Bug/Grass type.

And, although it may seem uninteresting at first, it has a lot going for it!

To begin, let’s look at its ultimate development. Leavanny has a good attack and speed, outrunning Walrein and Rhyperior.

It also gains access to Sticky Web, which is probably the game’s greatest entrance hazard.

Plus, the Swadloon’s intermediate evolution is probably my favorite Bug-type of all time.

And because of the Bug type, Sewaddle is vulnerable to both of its other variants. Hooray for equilibrium!

This trio may seem to be a strange jumble of Pokémon that most people have forgotten about, but I believe they’d make a great set of starters.


7. Ralts

Ralts from the Pokemon anime

For every other Pokémon on this list, my rationale for Ralts is a little different.

Wally is one of my favorite Pokémon opponents.

He begins as a frail kid who is unable to care for himself. However, after he captures and raises a Ralts, they both get stronger.

Wally eventually rises to become one of Hoenn’s most powerful trainers.

And I’d want to join you on your trip!

I want to start off weak and work my way up to the top. In most Pokémon games, you are the victor in every fight.

Perhaps it’s time to begin by losing and work your way up to the majors.

Not to mention that in the end, you get that split evolution.

And we’re all aware of how much I like split evolutions.

In relation to that…


Rockruff, no. 6

Rockruff Pokemon in the anime

And we’ve got yet another solitary Pokémon on our hands. It’s Rockruff, the puppy Pokémon, this time.

Rockruff, like Tyrogue, is on this list because of the three distinct evolution choices available to it.

Instead of being dependent on stat totals, Rockruff’s development is depending on the time of day he achieves level 25.

This is a far less aggravating method to maintain some control over who your starting becomes.

All you have to do to get Midnight Form Lycanroc is wait till nighttime or adjust the clock on your system.

Rockruff is also adorably cute.

Possibly the prettiest puppy in the whole Pokémon universe.


Houndour, no. 5

Houndour Pokemon anime screenshot

Now it’s time for our last starting type trio recommendation: Dark, Fighting, and Psychic.

While there are lots of Pokémon with two evolutions in each type, I came upon an intriguing option for this trio of potential starters.

So, let’s begin with one of my personal favorites: Houndour!

Houndour was created as a Growlithe counterpart in the second generation of Pokémon, but it was only accessible in Kanto’s post-game, thus players never actually had an opportunity to utilize it in-game.

So why not offer gamers the opportunity to utilize one right away?

Plus, Houndour is a fantastic Pokémon that few people have encountered.

Seriously, this creature is a hound of hell! Give it some attention!


4. Mushroom-like

Shroomish / Pokemon anime screenshot

Shroomish is a cute and irritable mushroom Pokémon from the Hoenn region.

While it was discovered quite early on, I believe it would be a good beginning, but that’s mainly due to its development, Breloom.

Breloom is one of the most underappreciated Pokémon of all time, having a variety of applications.

Its excellent Attack stat complements any of its three outstanding abilities.

It also resembles a kangaroo or a raptor.

I believe that everyone should utilize this device, and that making it a starting is the greatest way to encourage people to do so.


3. Staryu

Staryu Pokemon in the anime

Finally, for another two-stage Pokémon, I’ve chosen Staryu as the Psychic-type Pokémon (with water too, of course).

It’s quick, strong, and, like its evolution Starmie, has been a popular favorite since Pokémon first debuted.

So why not make it a first course?

But there’s another compelling argument to include Staryu in this category.

If you pay attention, dear reader, you’ll see that these three Pokémon have not one, but two, types that function together.

The traditional Fire/Grass/Water is wonderfully matched with the Dark/Fighting/Psychic!

This implies that each Pokémon has the ability to counter the other two Pokémon.

And this implies that whomever you choose has a fighting chance against your opponent. This synergy is fantastic!


2. Zubat

Zubat Pokemon anime screenshot

This is perhaps the strangest pick on the list, but Zubat as a beginning appeals to me.

Given that many people consider Zubat to be one of the most obnoxious Pokémon ever, I believe it is appropriate to honor this adorable bat.

But it’s also because of how Zubat develops that I believe it would make a fantastic beginning.

Yes, at level 22, it develops into Golbat.

Getting Golbat to become Crobat, on the other hand, does not need reaching a particular level. You must use all of Golbat’s friendship points.

I like the concept of adopting a Pokémon that many people despise and allowing it to develop through love, since that is exactly what Pokémon is all about:

Making new friends and going on adventures are two of my favorite things to do.

Maybe even capturing them all.


1. Kubfu

Kubfu from Pokemon Sword and Shield

Training Kubfu was one of my favorite aspects of the Isle of Armor DLC.

Not only did I get to see it level up and become stronger, but I also got to participate in the final trial that determined which form of Urshifu it would become.

And that made me wonder:

How amazing would it be if this was the basis for a whole game?

Every trainer begins with a Kubfu, and each gym is a unique dojo in which it may develop.

“But aren’t there just two Urshify forms?” you may wonder. That is not the case with this new hypothetical version!

There are 18 distinct kinds in all. Why can’t we see a large group of them?

And whatever Urshifu form you receive is determined on which gym you travel to in the end. What a blast that would be!

In terms of narrative and gameplay, Kubfu has a lot of promise as a beginning game.

The alternate starter pokémon is a Pokémon that can be chosen as the player’s starting Pokémon in the games. This list includes some of our top picks for alternate starters.

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The starter pokemon you choose is up to you, but I recommend choosing either Bulbasaur or Charmander. They are both very easy to raise and have a great move pool.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What Pokemon would replace the starters?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The starters would be replaced by the following Pokemon:”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Whats the best starter Pokemon ever?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best starter Pokemon ever would be Charmander.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What starter pokemon should I choose?

The starter pokemon you choose is up to you, but I recommend choosing either Bulbasaur or Charmander. They are both very easy to raise and have a great move pool.

What Pokemon would replace the starters?

The starters would be replaced by the following Pokemon:

Whats the best starter Pokemon ever?

The best starter Pokemon ever would be Charmander.

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