11 Games to Play While Consuming Weed

Games to Play While Consuming Weed


  1. Strip Choker
  2. Medusa
  3. Cannabis Categories
  4. Name That Tune
  5. Weed of Fortune
  6. Musical Marijuana
  7. Lungs
  8. One Word Story
  9. Running Man
  10. Bong Races
  11. Obstacle Course

On Your Marks, Get Set, Puff!

In a world where Marijuana keeps breaking legal barriers, it’s about time we magnify the consumption experience. Why not incorporate some fun games for stoners into your next cannabis smoking session?

Read on to discover the best games for competitive fun at house parties or wholesome hangouts with friends. Grow your next batch with flavored goodies like https://seedsupreme.com/cannabis-seeds/cheese-seeds.html and have a thrilling harvest celebration.

Let’s hop straight to it!

Strip Choker

Yeah, you probably guessed it. Strip Choker is the marijuana version of Strip Poker.

All players simultaneously take a hit and hold. It works best if each person has their own joint. The first to release or choke removes a piece of clothing. To attempt this fun smoking game, ensure everyone is comfortable with mild nudity beforehand.


Just like the Greeks who looked into Medusa’s eyes, this game literally gets you stoned.

Medusa begins with all players facing their feet. After an agreed-upon signal, everyone quickly looks up at any person in the group. If you lock eyes with the same person you look at, you both call out “MEDUSA!” and take a toke. The other players remain safe.

Cannabis Categories

Cannabis Categories involve one player naming an item and the next person calling out something else in the same category. In this fun stoner game, the proceeding gamer can only begin their answer with the last letter of the previous word. Let’s demonstrate.

If you decide on countries, the first individual may say Brazil. The next player must use the last letter to name another country, like Libya. It continues until one person fails to provide an answer and has to take a puff. Play with different categories like movies, musicians, and actors.

Games to Play While Consuming Weed

Name That Tune

The simple name downplays how challenging this game is. Name That Tune requires a player to hum to a song while the others guess what it is. Begin this tricky weed game when you’re all high, so it’s harder to recall or even recognize sounds.

The person who succeeds in identifying the song may take a toke, or the one who chose it does if nobody can answer.

Weed of Fortune

In Weed of Fortune, you create a homemade task wheel. Prepare beforehand, as you can imagine the hustle this smoking game entails with a bunch of baked guests. Section into eight parts or whatever number you prefer, and include actions such as:

  • Make a joke
  • Hold in a hit for ten seconds
  • Spin again
  • Dare the stoner on your left
  • Strip

Penalize anyone who chickens out. For instance, you can exclude players from the next rotation.

Musical Marijuana

Musical Marijuana is a favorite among stoners who love singalongs. Play a song that often repeats a specific word or phrase, and smoke each time it comes up. Some popular ones include “Jamming” by Bob Marley, “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC, and Outkast’s “Hey Ya.”


Lungs are among the most common stoner games to play with friends. In a group, take turns hitting a joint and holding until it circles back to you. Unlike Strip Choker, you exclude the losers from the rotation and reward the final champ with a munchies treat.

One Word Story

One Word Story is your poison if you’re up for a challenge and curious about how deep everyone’s creativity runs.

In a circle, the first player says a word and passes the joint. The others add on to it to create a story that makes sense. You’d be surprised what hilarious narratives come up.

Running Man

Running Man belongs to the category of mild-risk outdoor games for stoners. All participants should stand in a line, take a huge drag of a bong or joint, and hold. The idea is to sprint to an agreed point. Disqualify anyone who falls, coughs, or releases the smoke prematurely.

Remember, you’re baked—use a soft surface to minimize the chances of injury.

Bong Races

When it comes to bong games, this race knows how to awaken the challenger in you. Every participant starts with a bowl or a pipe containing the same amount of weed. It’s a contest to see who finishes theirs first. Don’t forget to pick a referee among yourselves.

Games to Play While Consuming Weed

Obstacle Course

The Obstacle Course requires some precautions. Place joints at strategic areas on the course. Counter any hazards by using cozy materials like blankets, sofas, and pillows to design the hurdles within the home. Gamers navigate it from start to end while taking a toke of each joint.

On Your Marks, Get Set, Puff!

With this gaming list up your sleeve, you can say goodbye to awkward moments in new social spaces. Break the ice with a little healthy competition and have a memorable time.

Safety is a priority when selecting cannabis-related smoking games to play, so here are a few precautions to keep in mind:

  • Try not to mix alcohol and Marijuana
  • Choose games wisely to accommodate beginners
  • Resist the urge to take extra hits and fall asleep before the first round ends
  • Use low to moderate strength cannabis
  • Avoid concentrates and edibles

There are dozens of games you can incorporate into your cannabis sessions. If you’ve tried all of them, why not create new variations? Remember to have fun and ensure you have plenty of weed to go around by growing your own marijuana plants.



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