10 best hand trap monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game

The pitfalls of playing with Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Cards can be crucial to the Duelist’s success in the game. You can completely undo your opponent’s plans and turn the hand to your advantage. While most Trap Cards must be played in the Trap/Spell section, selected Monster Cards can use the Trap Effects in the Hand. These are the best of them and the strong effects they can use to give you an advantage in battle.

Ash and Joy


Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring is useful to prevent your opponent from continuing his plans with this move. It works by discarding that card if your opponent uses a card (monster, spell or trap) that has the effect of getting a card from the deck in his hand, getting a special reputation from the deck or sending a card from the deck to the cemetery. If you have more than one of these cards, you can constantly prevent the enemy from performing tricky maneuvers to summon the mighty monster quickly, or at least postpone it to give you time to rebut.

Combat Fader


The Battle Fader is an excellent last line of defense when all your monsters have been eliminated from the field, or when your opponent has monsters that can ignore your monsters and attack you instantly. With this card in your hand you’ll call it up and immediately end your enemy’s fighting phase if you try to drop your glasses. This card is ideal if you are hanging on the ropes and urgently need something to help you turn the tide or slow down your opponent’s momentum.

D.D. Raven


D.D. Crow is a brilliant card that completely destroys the powerful card your opponent has in his graveyard. Send a raven of your hand to the graveyard every turn and banish everything from your opponent’s graveyard. It’s perfect to take down a powerful monster and prevent your opponent from bringing it back into play. What’s even better is that the description gives you the choice of what you want to take. It’s not just linked to specific monsters or types, and you can do it whenever you want.

Deep-eyed white dragon


Deep-eyed white dragons are useful if you have a bridge full of dragons. First you need a white dragon with blue eyes in the game and as many dragons as possible in the cemetery. If your blue-eyed white dragon is destroyed in battle or by the effect, call this card into play. Immediately, your opponent loses 600 health points for each Dragon card in the graveyard (including Blue Eyes), and you select any Dragon in the graveyard and give that card the attack statistics. This way you can immediately replace the blue-eyed white dragon with this card or perhaps something even stronger in the same attack. As a bonus, if your opponent defeats this card with this effect, every monster on his side of the field is immediately destroyed.

Vailer effect


The effect of using Vailer is simple, but quite effective, let’s say. If your opponent activates a Strong Effect in his turn, send that card to the graveyard and discard the effect until the end of his turn. This can help prevent your opponent from destroying the monsters on your side, or from getting a specific card he wants to take off the deck.

Haunted house with ghosts and beauties


Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion is similar to Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring in that it can be activated when your opponent uses a card with three specific effects. The difference is that this card can be activated when your opponent tries to take something from the cemetery, or intentionally summon something from the cemetery, or to take one of your cards from the cemetery (which makes this card an ideal counter for D.D. Crow).

Ghost Ogre and Snowbunny


The phantom heron and snow hare are mainly used for strong field effects. Each turn, when your opponent activates an effect (a monster, a spell or a trap), remove this card from your hand and send it to the graveyard. Whatever your opponent tries to use, it will be destroyed immediately.

Highland Commissioner of Darkness


The Highland Envoy of Darkness is the perfect map when all hope seems lost. If your side of the board is completely devoid of cards and your opponent attacks you immediately, you put the Highlander in the game without paying him any tribute. If the damage to your glasses is caused by the effect, your opponent will take the same amount. If the damage is normal combat damage, call the Delegate of Darkness next to that card, which has an attack and protection equal to the lost health points. It will not only punish your opponent for hitting you hard, but it will also bring you back to fighting a powerful monster of your choice.

Retro-red eyed dragon


It’s good to have the retro red-eyed dragon in your hand when you have red-eyed monsters in the graveyard. When your opponent sends a Level 7 Red-Eye Monster (not Red-Eye Chicken B.) to the cemetery on your side, you can immediately send that card to the Defensive Position. You can now summon as many of the monsters that have just been sent to the cemetery as possible, and you have the option to call the red-eyed Black Dragon normal or honour this card for something else on your turn. Quite a steep turn in monstrous numbers on the field.



Tragoedia can be put into play at any time if you lose health points, and it receives 600 attacks and damage on each card in your hand, so try to stack them if possible. Now, with this card in the game, you can send a monster from your hand to the graveyard and select a monster on your opponent’s side with the same level and take control of that monster. This effect makes Tragoedia a potential game if conditions are favourable.

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