Why Cloud Migration Is Critical For An IT Business

Why Cloud Migration Is Critical For An IT Business

The cloud is a modern solution increasing in popularity with businesses due to the range of benefits that come with it. Whether it’s improved security, cost optimization, or backup and recovery – the cloud has it all. Cloud migration can seem daunting, but as soon as the migration has taken place, you’ll discover just how much freedom, as well as technical advancement, you can experience. Read on to find out more! 

What is cloud migration? 

Cloud migration is the process in which a company moves software, data or applications from an on-premises, private server onto a cloud server. If a business decides to take on cloud migration, they can reap the benefits, from the ability to access documents remotely, improved security and recovery, as well as having the ability to scale up and down their storage with ease. Below, we’ll look at a couple of these advantages in detail and how IT businesses can benefit. 

Why Cloud Migration Is Critical For An IT Business

Flexibility and scalability 

One of the main benefits that come with cloud migration is the flexibility and scalability that comes along with it. When you migrate software, apps and data to the cloud, you can use a ‘pay for what you need’ service to your advantage. You have the freedom to decide how much storage you need, and as a result, you don’t have to pay for a plan that has more storage than you’ll use. 

As well as this, you can scale up and down with ease. If you find that your business is growing and you need more storage, you can increase it in line with your business needs. If you find that you’ve hit a quiet period, you can also scale back accordingly. Migrating to the cloud gives you more freedom to choose the best storage solution to fit your business needs. 

Reduced infrastructure costs

Migrating to the cloud means you can move from on-premises infrastructure to a more modern computing platform. On-premises infrastructure can be beneficial if your company deals with sensitive information and is preferred to stay on-site, where it might have less chance of being compromised or falling into the wrong hands – however, cloud migration is taking away the need for outdated infrastructure and proving to be a solution with a huge range of benefits. 

Why Cloud Migration Is Critical For An IT Business

New cloud technologies are likely to allow companies to be more productive and work more efficiently than they would with traditional infrastructure. On-premises IT technology tends to take up more space, cost more money in the long run and data is harder to recover from them if they fail. Migrating to the cloud means no more bulky computer systems and improved ways of working with the help of modern technology. 

Back-up and recovery 

One of the most important benefits to note when it comes to cloud storage is that you can back up and restore lost work, data, and information if it is deleted or if security infringements occur. Disaster recovery is vital and choosing a provider that can help with fast backups and recovery is hugely advantageous. 

When deciding to migrate to the cloud, different providers will have different recovery solutions, so researching before you make your decision is important. But you can guarantee good cloud platforms will have the ability to backup and restore in as little as one click. 

Why Cloud Migration Is Critical For An IT Business

Increased security 

When you’re working solely online, making sure that your data is protected is essential. Cloud providers offer a high level of security from the very beginning. Whichever platform you choose will have its own security in place from the get-go, with various security tools in place throughout the platform. Opting for a cloud provider that will regularly check for any issues with security and ensure frequent patching takes place is advantageous. 

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