What is IT Staff Augmentation and how it helps your business

What is IT Staff Augmentation and how it helps your business

What is IT staff augmentation?


IT staff augmentation is one of the major tools for any organization to increase overall productivity and efficiency. In simple terms, using IT augmentation, a company hires professionals from outside for a short period. This process is taken to gain growth and efficiency in a very limited amount of time without compromising the quality of the service and keeping the expenses not very high. 

In other words, it is the working professional team ready for the work outside the organization without hiring permanently. Additionally, IT staff augmentation is mainly used by contemporary companies to push productivity in very little available time. Therefore, it not only saves time in hiring but also gets the perfect set of skills for the dedicated work genre.

What is IT Staff Augmentation and how it helps your business

How does IT augmentation works for the companies?

It relies on the customized model of outsourcing the required set of skills from the professionals. These teams are equipped with the required technical professionals with a sufficient amount of experience in any kind of challenges thrown at them. Let’s take an example of an IT staff augmentation company. If a Design team is hired, it will have skilled professionals such as research and service designers, User Interface designers (UI), product designers, UX engineers, team Managers, etc. 

What is IT Staff Augmentation and how it helps your business

How It augmentation help Your business?

In several ways, IT augmentation helps you to sustain and give several advantages in business. This can be comprehended through the following points :


No matter whatever the genre of business but, in most cases, IT augmentation is always beneficial for the business in terms of saving the overall cost. In developed countries like the USA, the hiring of adroit engineers comes at a huge cost. According to a popular business magazine, the average cost of hiring an engineer is around $110,564. Additionally, you have to pay a $4000 bonus per year too. With that, you have to add the additional cost on hiring, such as health insurance cost, training of staff, etc. Therefore, IT not only increases the companies’ overall cost but also increases the timeline for completion of the project.

Therefore it is always a wise decision to select the IT augmentation team to keep the overall cost of production of a project for the company. 

Heavy customization 

There are several options available in terms of customization for the desired projects in the IT augmentation model. With the customized infrastructural model, there will be quality services flow in the working of the companies. Depending upon the tenure of the work type, customized professionals are hired in the augmented team for keeping the high standards of services. Subsequently, it massively improves the overall focus on the desired project having the best possible team with tweaks of customization for maximum efficiency. 

One more thing to add that it doesn’t only have dextrous people around your city, but the professionals are included from various parts of the people. This feature gives an extra edge from the traditional competitors, which rely on in-house staff and professionals. 

Increased speed

When companies have lingering projects with very tight schedules to complete the work, then the factor of time is very beneficial. With the requirement of a high level of professionals, the IT staff augmentation fulfills the need for the speed for completing the given projects in time. But with regular hiring, the time to complete the given projects might lag with the whole process of hiring and training. Therefore IT augmentation staff team is a wiser selection that is always in ready-to-go mode. 

What is IT Staff Augmentation and how it helps your business


According to a cyber security website, the annual damage by cyberattacks will be bumped to a massive $6 trillion by 2021. 

In the current scenario, the security in your system is the most important thing to consider because all the work and data are the organization’s assets, and they cannot be compromised. One of the major reasons for the cyberattacks is the compromise on expert security professionals. Sue to the lack of inefficient and weak security infrastructure, the hackers find a loophole and compromise the company’s valuable data. 

But with the implementation of the IT augmentation team, we can have the best possible experts who have long experience in safeguarding the business from hackers. 



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