Tips for playing as Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege’s new operator, Flores, is unlike any other invader the game has seen before. While most have a gimmick that encourages players to jump into the action, Flores changes the formula. In this guide, we will give you some tips on how to use this operator and get the most out of his gadget when you select him from the list in your next game.

Maximum use of RCE-RATERO

Flores’ gadget, the RCE-RATERO, is essentially a drone that every operator already owns, but now with a bomb attached. As an operator, Flores doesn’t have much to offer in terms of speed or lethality with firearms, but this gimmick is a force to be reckoned with.

Use the RCE-RATERO by dropping four drones before entering the building and getting into the real fight. The drone can do a lot of damage and gives you the bonus of being able to stay out of the traps of the defenders.


Tips for playing as Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

Not only can this device be trapped under barricades and even by Aruni set up laser grids, but it can also jump out of windows. If the bomb you need to defuse is on the second floor, climb down, break the barricade on the window, and shoot a RCE RATERO through the hole before locating the defenders inside and giving them a nasty shock.

Scout with your drone first


Tips for playing as Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

The disadvantage of the RCE-RATERO is that it is a perpetuum mobile. This means that it is constantly moving in the direction it is facing, and you can only control that direction. This can cause you to miss targets or get stuck on walls if you are not familiar with the layout of the map.

Before using the gadget, drop the drone and explore the path in front of you. Under a door or through a window. RCE-RATERO can follow. It is important that you identify all the points where the defenders and keep first. If you found it, you can send RCE-RATERO a second one and start again the same way. Once you find the Defenders, all you have to do is start the gadget and wait for the kill to be confirmed.

The device is at risk during travel. Any defender can shoot and destroy it. Only when the explosive goes off does his shield prevent damage. If you know the map, you can prevent the precious RCE-RATERO from being destroyed before its explosion can destroy another Defender.

The RCE-RATERO is also vulnerable to barbed wire and electrical traps from defenders. If a drone gets stuck in a barbed wire, it can fly through it until its counter runs out. Add electricity to the mix and the drone is pretty much useless. Detecting these pitfalls with the standard drone helps to avoid missed opportunities in the future and indicates which route to avoid.

Register at least one gadget for finishing stages


Tips for playing as Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

If your team has set up the Defusor, it’s handy to have at least one RCE RATERO to take out the Defenders coming to destroy it. Again, you can stay out of the action while giving your team a useful advantage that defenders don’t count on. The opponent should be about to discover the defender, so take advantage of this opportunity when it arises by saving the gadget for later in the game.

UAV operating time


Tips for playing as Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

When using the RCE-RATERO, two time delays must be taken into account. The first is a ten second limit on movement before it goes off and explodes. During this time, you should be able to move the drone from Flores to the target. If you don’t, the device will explode and be unusable. That’s why it’s important to pilot a standard drone first, but before using the RCE-RATERO, try to hit each target in less than ten seconds.

The second timer corresponds to the three seconds it takes to activate the device and then detonate it. You must ensure that your target cannot get out of the blast path during this time. Bring the device close enough to the enemy to be hit by the blast, but always remember that they have three seconds to escape. You have to be fast but precise when you publish.

We noticed that once the Defenders dug in, they didn’t move when RCE-RATERO appeared. Ladders are the best places to trap enemies. Something about the difference between planes and eyes makes the device incredibly difficult to understand. You can also bring the explosives down the stairs, where you have to make sure that someone on the stairs is hit by the explosives. Explosions and small spaces are not the best combination.

Rush with Flores


Tips for playing as Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

Flores is not a fantasist on paper. However, he is fast and can take out the Defender in a second with his AR33. When it’s time to enter the building looking for enemies, do so quickly. Flores falls quickly when hit, and the only real advantage to using him is RCE-RATERO. If you have to go in and catch the defenders the old fashioned way, do it like someone is chasing you. Faster, aim, shoot, repeat.

Attention warning on RCE-RATERO display

Rainbow Six Victories Screenshot

Our final tip on using the new Crimson Heists operator is for defenders. When you play as a defender, you will get a warning on the screen when RCE-RATERO is near. In most cases, you will not be able to respond to this warning. When you’re in the middle of an intense firefight and the invaders are shooting at you through a wall, it’s hard to see messages like this on the screen. When you see it, you should have about a second to shoot the device before it goes off. If not, you have at least three seconds to get away from him and hopefully not take too much damage.

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frequently asked questions

Who is the best attacker in Rainbow Six Siege 2020?

Gb-en – rainbow-six-sigey-best-operator…

Who is the shortest operator in Rainbow Six Siege 2020?

She is currently the shortest female operator at 1.57 m (5’2) and Mozzi is the shortest male operator at 1.62 m (5’4). Jana is the second shortest operator in Rainbow history, only taller than Tracy Wu, who was 5’7″.

What is the best place to visit in Rainbow 6 Siege?

There is no better show in Rainbow Six HQ. It all depends on your own play style and the weapons you use. I use almost every weapon with a holographic sight, even on the attacker’s side. You will be more accurate with a hologram or reflex because your weapon scatters less with ACOG.

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