How to complete Beck operator mission Diensteinheit IX in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

If you want to complete a new set of operator missions in Call of Duty : Black Ops Cold War or Warzone, since the game is in its 3rd edition. The season is going, you’re lucky. There are a number of operator skins for Woods and Wraiths that you can complete when you purchase a Battle Pass. When you reach level 10 on the track, a new one opens up for Beck, with a few skins for your hard work.

You can only access these operator missions if you have purchased a Season 3 Battle Pass and reached level 10 on the track. When you reach this point, you have to play as Beck to finish them off.

All Densteinheit IXOperator tasks and awards


These are all tasks that must be accomplished to fulfill the mission of operator of Service Unit IX for Beck.

  • Objective 1: Block thousands of incoming damage with the armor the player is using.
    • Price : 1500 XP and a Surprise Assault phone card.
  • Objective 2: Three kills without dying three times with a shotgun.
    • Price : 2000 XP and camouflage leather
  • Third objective: Destroy 10 enemy deployed hexes Upgrade
    • Price : 2,5000 XP and a Stuck in Place badge
  • Goal Four: Reach 5 eliminations with special weapons
    • Price : 3000 XP and Pioneer leather

The complexity of this task is not complicated, but the precise wording and method of execution can be somewhat confusing.

In the first challenge, you must block 1000 incoming damage from the armor the player is using. This is a task you must complete in the Warzone. You can do this by taking one of the armor plates you found and attaching it. Blocked damage should not count towards the initial armor you get at the beginning of the game. It should be something you pick up and put on during the game.

The second challenge is to take three shots without dying. This method is pretty simple, and you can complete it on the Warzone or Black Ops multiplayer maps. We recommend switching from either option to the Black Ops multiplayer map, as these locations are much smaller, making them ideal arenas for this task. If you land in the right place, it’s impossible to play it out on the Warzone map, but it’s a real challenge. You can start with a prison or a supermarket.

The third objective is to destroy 10 deployed enemy field enhancements. Veldupgrades are ammo boxes, drones, a trophy system or a valve cover. You can expect these items to be used frequently by your opponents in Black Ops multiplayer and warzone games. These items are a bit rarer in Warzone, but you can almost always expect to find them around when fighting an enemy. These veldupdates are small, making it difficult to aim and shoot them accurately.

The final task of this quest is to get five eliminations with special weapons. A special weapon in Call of Duty is the M79 or R1 Shadowhunter crossbow. You can find both weapons by exploring Verdansk, but they are quite difficult to find. Because it’s a special weapon, you have to search for it like the legends. Therefore, it can be difficult to find them reliable. Of the two options, the M79 is more likely to take down multiple enemies at once if you fire the right shots.

Once you complete all four missions, Operator Beck’s mission is complete and you have access to the two newly painted skins.

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How to get Beck into the Cold War


How do I unlock Beck Operator?

Operator Back Code Release – Black

How do you set up an operator in a cold war?

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