Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card


Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card (2242 含笑院) is a collectible card game based on the popular Japanese medieval strategy game, Sengoku Busho Retsuden (戦国武将列伝). It features a mix of historical figures, fiction, and game-specific cards.

Busho Kanshoin is a great way to explore the world of Sengoku Busho Retsuden, as it captures the strategy and excitement of the original card game. This guide will provide an overview of the Busho Kanshoin card game and its rules.

Introduction to Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card

Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card is a popular and exciting card game taking the gaming world by storm. Busho Kanshoin refers to a warrior monk from the 16th century known for his imposing stature and courageous deeds. The game Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card features an interesting collection of cards, based on the character and his legacy.

With the Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card, players can build their army pieces by pieces, collect rare cards and utilize effective strategies to defeat their opponents on the battlefield. Designed for beginners and advanced players, this game is easy to learn with simple instructions and conveniently designed cards. In addition, the game offers different difficulty levels to keep you engaged and provides a great platform for honing your strategic skills.

So, get your hands on the Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card and experience the thrill and excitement of the battlefield from the comfort of your own home.

History and background of Busho Kanshoin

Busho Kanshoin is a warlord card in Shogun’s Empire: Hex Commander, a mobile and PC game simulating medieval Japan. The game is set during Japan’s feudal era, where players can choose from dozens of famous warlords and clans to lead armies into battle. Busho Kanshoin is one of the available warlords in the game and is a versatile and powerful unit.

Regarding historical background, Busho Kanshoin was a real person who lived during the Sengoku period in Japan. She was a Buddhist nun and the head of the Ikko-ikki sect, a group of militant monks who played a significant role in Japan’s political and military landscape. As a playable warlord card in Shogun’s Empire: Hex Commander, Busho Kanshoin has unique abilities and stats, making her a formidable leader in battle.

Importance of Busho Card in the game

The Busho Card is a key component of the Busho Kanshoin: Warlord game and plays an essential role in battles, allowing users to increase their chances of victory.

Here are some important features and benefits of a Busho Card:

  • Each Busho Card contains specific attributes and special abilities that can be used to gain advantages in battle.
  • Players can strategically select and combine different Busho Cards to create a powerful and diverse army.
  • The rarity level of each Busho Card affects its overall power and value in the game.
  • Obtaining rare and powerful Busho Cards can require much time and effort, making them highly coveted among players.

By mastering Busho Cards, players can increase their chances of succeeding in battles and achieving victory.




Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card (also known as BushoCard or 2242含笑院) is a card from the Busho Kanshoin card game. This powerful card is highly sought-after by collectors and players alike. Unfortunately, the card is difficult to obtain, but with patience and knowledge, it is possible to add it to your collection.

Let’s take a look at how to get this rare card.

Obtaining Busho Card through in-game events

Acquiring the Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card, also known as the Busho card, is possible through in-game events. The Busho card grants a collection of in-game bonuses, including strategy upgrades and soldiers, thereby increasing the player’s overall strength.

To obtain the Busho card, players must participate in the “Busho Challenge,” an in-game event requiring players to earn event points through various activities or by purchasing special event packs. Once they have earned enough event points, they can redeem them for the Busho card.

Players can also participate in other in-game events such as “Alliance War” or “Gold Rush,” to earn points that can be exchanged for the Busho card. Since the card is a crucial item in increasing one’s strength and strategy, it is highly sought by players.

Pro Tips: Participate actively in in-game events to earn points and redeem them for the Busho card to strengthen your position in the game.

Obtaining Busho Card through purchase or trading

A Busho Card is a rare and valuable item in the game “Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card” and can be obtained through two ways – by purchasing it or by trading it with other players.

To purchase a Busho Card, you will need to have enough in-game currency. Once you have enough currency, go to the virtual store within the game and search for the particular Busho Card you are looking for.

Trading with other players is another way to obtain a Busho Card. You can search for players who have the card and negotiate a trade with them. You can exchange other valuable virtual items or in-game currency for the card.

Obtaining a Busho Card can be challenging, but with persistence and strategy, it can be done.

Rarity levels and benefits of obtaining higher rarity Busho Cards

Busho Cards in the Warlord mobile game are divided into different rarity levels, each with unique benefits and characteristics.

Common (1★), Uncommon (2★), Rare (3★), Super Rare (4★), and Ultra Rare (5★) are the five main rarity levels you can obtain.

The higher the rarity of your Busho Card, the stronger the abilities and upgraded stats the card will have, making it easier to complete harder missions and battles.

Higher rarity cards can be obtained by completing missions, summoning events or buying them from the game shop with coins, jade, or real money.

The Ultra Rare (5★) Busho Card is the rarest and most coveted one, requiring much luck and dedication. However, its powerful abilities and boosted stats make the effort worth it.


Strategies for Using Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card

The Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card (2242含笑院) is a popular collectible card game gaining momentum in Japan. The game is based on historical battles and figures from Japan’s early feudal period and has intricate strategy elements.

This article will explore strategies for making the most of your Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card and gaining an edge over your opponents.

Understanding the stats and abilities of Busho Kanshoin

Busho Kanshoin is a Warlord Card in the game, available under the keyword BushoCard/2242含笑院. Understanding the stats and abilities of this card is crucial in developing an effective strategy for winning battles in the game.

The stats of Busho Kanshoin card are as follows:

  • Rarity – Legendary
  • Leadership – 90 (Max Level)
  • Strength – 9,000 (Max Level)
  • Intelligence – 9,000 (Max Level)
  • Politics – 9,000 (Max Level)

Busho Kanshoin has unique abilities that can be honed for a winning strategy. Her Revive skill revives fallen allies and recovers their health. Her Charm skill reduces the enemy’s defense and increases the allies’ attack.

To maximize the potential of Busho Kanshoin, focus on improving her leadership and upgrading her skills. Pair her with other cards that complement her abilities and strategize accordingly to use her skills at the right moment in battles.

Pro tip: Don’t rely solely on Busho Kanshoin’s skills. Pair her with other strong cards for better chances of winning battles.

Combining Busho Kanshoin with other cards for optimal performance

Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card (2242含笑院) is a powerful card in the Warlord trading card game, and it can be combined with other cards to enhance its abilities and synergies. Here are some strategies for using Busho Kanshoin with other cards to maximize its performance:

1. Pair Busho Kanshoin with cards that give defensive bonuses to nearby cards, such as Archer Regiment (6092弓兵隊) or Fortress Wall (6151城壁). This combination will ensure that your Busho Kanshoin remains protected while being able to deal considerable damage to enemy cards.

2. Combine Busho Kanshoin with cards that can heal or regenerate it, such as Medic (3113軍医) or Recovery (6162回復). This will give your Busho Kanshoin increased survivability and allow it to stay in the game longer.

3. Use cards that can increase the attack power of Busho Kanshoin, such as Spear Regiment (6081槍兵隊) or Brave Dash (6238勇躍). This will help your Busho Kanshoin deal more damage to enemy cards and potentially win the game.

By employing these strategies, you can create a formidable deck with Busho Kanshoin as its centerpiece and dominate the Warlord trading card game.

Using Busho Kanshoin in PvP battles and other in-game events

Busho Kanshoin is a powerful Warlord Card in the game, and its use can be optimized by implementing battle strategies that cater to its strengths. Busho Kanshoin works as a passive card that strengthens the ability of the player’s units to heal themselves during battle, and also boosts their critical strike rate.

To make the most of this card during PvP battles and other in-game events, players can use the following strategies:

  • Include units with high damage output, but low survivability in your team.
  • Keep these units alive by attacking enemy units with high defense and using the healing ability of Busho Kanshoin to restore their health.
  • Use busho with high critical strike rates and damage output, such as Uesugi Kenshin and Shingen Takeda, in your team.
  • Use Busho Kanshoin with other Warlord Cards that boost healing, such as Tachibana Ginchiyo and Sanada Yukimura.

Pro tip: Players should experiment with different unit combinations and Warlord Card strategies to find what works best for their playstyle and the situation.


Tips for Upgrading Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card

Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card ( 2242含笑院 ) is one of Japan’s most popular card games. As you progress in the game, you must upgrade your warlord cards to stay ahead of your competitors.

This article will provide tips to help you upgrade your Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card ( 2242含笑院 ) most efficiently.

The importance of upgrading Busho Card

Upgrading your Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card can impact your gameplay. The card’s level determines how strong its effects are, and upgrading can unlock new abilities that will give you an edge in battle. Here are some tips for upgrading your Busho Card:

1. Start by collecting enough copies of the same card. The number of duplicates required for upgrading depends on the card’s rarity level.

2. Combine the cards using the card upgrade feature in the game. Make sure you use the correct combination to avoid losing cards unnecessarily.

3. Invest in upgrading your card using Warlord Medals, War Helmet, and War Horses.

4. Make sure to level up your card by using the card leveling feature.

By upgrading your card, you can take on tougher challenges and increase your chances of victory in combat. Success is within reach with the right strategy and a powerful Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card.

How to upgrade Busho Kanshoin through enhancing and transcending

Busho Kanshoin is an essential Warlord card that requires upgrading to enhance its capabilities and transcend its power. Here are some tips for upgrading Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card:

1. Acquire Multiple Copies: Before upgrading your Busho Kanshoin card, acquire multiple copies to increase its level cap and stat bonuses.

2. Use Busho Cards for Enhancement: To enhance your Busho Kanshoin card, use other Busho Cards and material cards to upgrade its level and stats.

3. Transcend Your Card: If you have multiple copies of the card, use them to transcend your Busho Kanshoin card to increase its base stats and level cap.

4. Equip It to Your Warlord: Once your Busho Kanshoin card is fully upgraded, equip it to your Warlord to take advantage of its bonuses and effects.

Upgrading Busho Kanshoin card, when done systematically, can help players improve their performance in the game and achieve better results with their Warlord.

Maximizing the potential of the Busho Card through careful upgrading

The Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card is one of the most valuable cards in the game, and maximizing its potential requires careful upgrading. Here are some tips for upgrading the card:

Focus on upgrading the card’s core stats – attack, defense, HP, and speed. These will have the most significant impact on the card’s overall performance.

Use upgrade materials wisely, focusing on the most critical stats first. For example, prioritize upgrading defense if your card already has high attack but low defense.

Consider the card’s rarity and potential limit when deciding how much to invest in upgrades. Higher rarity cards have higher potential limits and should receive more upgrades.

Utilize duplicate cards to limit breaking and increase your Busho Card’s potential.

Don’t neglect the card’s skills – upgrading them can significantly enhance its performance in battle.

Remember that excessive upgrading can be costly, so plan strategically and budget accordingly for the best results.


Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card in the Competitive Scene

Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card (2242含笑院) is a powerful and popular card that has become a staple in competitive card games, such as Magic: The Gathering and Warlords. Recently, this card has gained much traction in the competitive scene due to its versatility and ability to shift the balance of power.

In this article, we’ll discuss the power of Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card and why it is dominating the competitive card game scene.

The impact of Busho Kanshoin in competitive play

The Busho Kanshoin card significantly impacts competitive play in the popular trading card game. This powerful Warlord Card offers unique abilities and bonuses that can turn the tide of any battle.

Players who use the Busho Kanshoin card gain a distinct advantage over their opponents. The card’s special abilities allow players to add extra cards to their hand, increase the power of their attacks, and even reduce the damage they take from their opponent’s moves.

Skilled players know how to use the Busho Kanshoin card effectively to gain an edge. Its presence in a player’s deck can convince their opponent to take a different strategy, throwing them off balance and allowing the Busho Kanshoin player to seize the advantage.

In conclusion, Busho Kanshoin is a highly coveted card in competitive play, with its unique abilities offering a strategic advantage to those who use it effectively.

Strategies and tips for players looking to use Busho Kanshoin in PvP battles

Busho Kanshoin is a powerful Warlord Card in the competitive scene that players can use to gain an upper hand in PvP battles. Here are some strategies and tips that will help you use Busho Kanshoin effectively:

1. Build your formation around Busho Kanshoin. Then, use other Warlords with complementary skills to enhance the effects of the BushoCard/2242含笑院.

2. Timing is key. Save Busho Kanshoin for the late battle stages, when your opponent’s Warlords are weakened or vulnerable.

3. Upgrade the card to increase its power and effectiveness.

4. Use the “Golden Shield” skill to protect your Warlords from disabling effects.

5. Keep your opponents guessing by using Busho Kanshoin in unexpected ways.

Following these strategies and tips, players can use Busho Kanshoin to dominate their opponents in PvP battles.

Recent success stories and trends in competitive play involving Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card

The Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card has emerged as a dominant force in the competitive scene, with several recent success stories and trends reshaping the meta.

In tournament play, players have utilized the card’s unique abilities to create devastating combos that overwhelm their opponents. For example, the card’s “Divine Favor” ability allows players to draw additional cards and gain a significant advantage in card advantage.

Another trend is using the Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card in aggro decks that aim to defeat their opponents quickly. The card’s “Quick Strike” ability, which allows players to deal damage directly to their opponents, has proven to be a powerful tool in this strategy.

Overall, the Busho Kanshoin: Warlord Card is a versatile and highly strategic card rapidly becoming a standard in the competitive scene.

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