World War Z Review – “Zombie online action by the numbers”

Zombie online action by the numbers

Ah, the good old zombie horde game you can play with your friends. With the love of Left for Dead I was really ready to enjoy the Zombie Killer by taking a look at the World War Z.

Despite the fact that I’ve had fun here, there are some problems with the game that prevent it from being special. Although he’s got enough points to try.

World War Z is the cooperative third party shooter Saber and Mad Dog. And now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For those of you who like to take waves of undead with friends, this could be one for you.

How was World War II?


Star Wars is your standard cover shot. Teams of up to four players make their way through level cards of various sizes and styles, based on locations around the world.

The game works in a proven way to move forward and hit targets as they are presented, while breaking seemingly endless hordes of zombies.

There are also special types of zombies that are bigger, stronger and faster and attract other zombies.

She will feel familiar, and the game is about keeping the sentences, not trying to be something she is not.

The location varies from large open and surface streets, frozen lakes (with degraded areas) to very narrow and busy buildings, the metro and the city centre. Of course, there’s also a shopping mall.

All zombies often move so fast that it is difficult to really see them, but this gives them a visceral, animal quality.

The animals are impressive, armoured, with various weak points for attacks, there are also the screamers, which often look from a distance, which are larger and thinner, but easier to remove, mainly because of their role.

Your task with all visceral and violent transitions is to go from point A to point B, operate the switches, prepare the fixed-point security and wait for an AI to open the lock.

Or turn off the alarm… You know what’s important.

There are no new ideas about goals, but at least they always lead to the next mass group.

Zombie online action by the numbers

Presentation and graph

The game allows you to select different locations, all of which are well represented.

Everyone has their own taste, the characters feel a little safe, the design is cool, but some of them seem a little too stereotypical.

At the same time, all the characters can do all classes (partly for the show), in a solo campaign was not quite clear what the difference was, apart from a few secondary and random things.

A weird bonus, or at least unlocking, I could have just had solid characters with solid skills.

The menu is simple but effective, with good sound work, but where the game is really successful is in the size of the hordes you encounter.

We’re not talking about 40 or 50, we’re talking about hundreds of zombies. They all come at you and literally pile up to reach a high level. Cast on the walls of buildings, as can be seen in the film of the same name.

Key features

The Z-World War II is divided into two very different modes. The main campaign, in which the actors have the task of paving the way for different scenarios.

Here you try to survive by fighting against endless hordes while controlling various traps and special weapons.

The second mode compared to the multiplayer mode which, in my experience, has sub modes. Default team mode where most victories are achieved. This plays as a mix of military and divisional equipment, but doesn’t give you a chance to breathe while the zombies spawn on the map.

In addition, there is a Capture Flag/Click Hill mode where players must control the area. It was about reaching a point before it becomes a hill and catching it before it gets overloaded by the AI or other players.

Balance is a real issue here, where you have to find a balance both in multiplayer mode and in the election campaign through murder. Players who have been in the game for a long time suddenly have a clear advantage over new players.

In the early days of the game this is already clear, as some players are born with much more destructive weapons and better protection than their newer counterparts.

Zombie online action by the numbers

Do you have to play World War II Z?

World War I ReviewOur fourth highest award. Unusual games are traditionally ranked 7/10. For more information about our player-generated feedback system, click here.

The power of this game is the campaign against modes that need a little work, but in fact this game is very funny, it is fast, furious and a little nervous when the hurdle is unleashed on you.

I suggest you talk to the friends you played with on Left 4 Dead, because it sure itches.

There is clearly an imbalance in multiplayer mode that must be taken into account when making the selection. It’s kind of a turning point. In addition, most of what you learn about the different characters is achieved through small accesses.

World Star Wars doesn’t cloud his battle orientation, but it’s not necessary. All in all, that’s enough.

Player, how would this gamefit?

The 4 remaining dead, parasites and even gear fans can use this lush and angry shooter, he has every chance to become something special, but he lacks a little perfection for this kind.

A few improvements in the quality of life will make this game even better.



Good Poor Beetles
Excellent presentation The balance between evil and bad The strange stupidity of the A.I. team…
Zombie The game is too standardized
True Joy

Zombie online action by the numbers

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