Top 7 Best 120mm AIO Coolers For Gaming And Computing

Even the best AM4 processor needs the best air supply to keep your motherboard’s components stable.

Reducing heat generation has many short and long term benefits for your PC. Without an adequate cooling system, there is a good chance that your system will be ready in a short period of time.

Different methods make it much easier to cool the system during operation. But the best 120mm AIO coolers are ideal for improving the best heat dissipation for your PC in operation.

And if you’re looking for a high-performance motherboard for Intel Ryzen or another processor, cooling is the key.

But choosing the right 120 mm AIO cooler can be a challenge, especially if the information is wrong. Many options come from a stacked model and do not offer superior heat reduction.

If you don’t know where to find the best AIO coolers for your PC, don’t despair!

The seven best coolers, ideal for a range of motherboards, are available in this section. And if you are interested in an important cooling support, information, this section will fill the best purchase decision.

In addition, buyers who want to make a quick choice will certainly appreciate the recommended options and the comparative table below.

Now take advantage of all this space has to offer and choose a processor fluid cooler that can increase the performance of your PC.

Selection of the best publisher

Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2

AIO Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2 liquid is...

AIO Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2 liquid is…

  • 120 mm ultra flat cooler: 49 mm deep provides a large surface for fast cooling.
  • Improved heatsink and pump design: Better efficiency means lower temperatures with less noise. X-FI sound device
  • Advanced PWM SP120L fan design: improved air supply with high static pressure and adjustable speed

This 120 mm cooler has an impressive cooling capacity. It has an advanced system designed to provide users with individual fans and light control.

And the 49-millimetre surface provides significant cooling in less time. A wide range of AMD and Intel motherboards are compatible with this cooler thanks to its universal design.

And that’s not all!

The system also features an impressive 77 CFM throughput for more consistent CPU cooling during operation. The system also has an improved pump design. The innovative design aims to improve air circulation without making too much noise.

It is the recommended choice for different computing needs and will certainly increase the performance of your PC without any extra effort!

Best 120 mm AIO cooler forsets

1. Corsair Hydro Series H60 – Best liquid cooler for CPU

The AIO Corsair Hydro Series H60 liquid processor...

The AIO Corsair Hydro Series H60 liquid processor…

  • Precise PWM control : Dynamic fan speed control between 600 and 1700 rpm with Corsair’s 120mm PWM series SP…..
  • Transmitter with a high density of 120 millimeters: Try a lower CPU temperature with the 120 mm high density transmitter.
  • LED backlighting of the pumphead : The pumphead with white LED backlight adds a touch of brightness to any system. Fan air flow rate 57.2 CFM….

If you are looking for a high-performance processor fluid cooler, you should take a look at it.

The range of functions will undoubtedly stimulate your imagination and guarantee the best comfort for your system.

The fan speed can operate in the range of 600 ~ 1700 rpm with individual gear control. Its powerful 120 mm cooler improves the cooling of PC components in a short time.

And when it comes to airflow, this fluid processor cooler provides an improved pressure wave to increase PC performance. With an airflow of 57.2 CFM at a noise level of 28.3 dBA you get more cooling with less noise.

The impressive design of the H60 system provides better installation support and is suitable for multiple sockets.

The pump head of this LED-backlit cooler provides the best environment and easy operation for the user. Thanks to the bright white light, current users can easily visualize their system as they work. This backlight also improves the overall appearance of your PC.

In addition, the innovative design of the pump and the cold plate of this fan provides more cooling during operation. Thermal optimisation is the main objective of this design, which aims to increase the heat dissipation potential.

A thorough examination of this refrigerator shows that it is more resistant to heat transfer. Many current users consider it their preferred option, so it should be one of the options you like.

2. NZXT Octopus M22 120mm – best AIO 120mm cooler with long warranty

NZXT Octopus M22 120 mm - RL-KRM22-01 -...

NZXT Octopus M22 120 mm – RL-KRM22-01 -…

  • Advanced lighting modes : Thanks to the endless mirror design you can add fantastic colours and lighting to your CPU cooler – read all about it…..
  • Designed for performance: Designed to provide excellent cooling with minimum noise. The system…
  • The master of your control: With CAM, you can manage performance with great accuracy and make changes quickly with the desktop or remote control.

Processors looking for a reasonable investment should consider this option. See the specifications and those below. This may be what your PC needs to improve heat transfer and performance.

Improved cooling performance is the raison d’être of this processor cooler with its powerful 3,000 rpm pump speed.  The airflow is constantly increased by the impressive size of the radiator. With 152 mm x 120 mm x 30 mm, the best airflow is necessarily expected from this cooler.

It also has an impressive sound floor that does not compromise your need for smoother calculations. With a noise level of 21 ~ 38 dBA, users can rely on quieter cooling during use.

The fan works with various control functions via the CAM software (Windows 10 required). This fan allows you to set ten LED modes to create an individual look with this software. The use of CAM software also provides intelligence/audio management functions.

The Infinity Mirror comes with this AIO cooler, but that’s not the only interesting feature. It is equipped with several control channels to control fluid temperature, pump speed, etc.

The fans in this unit are also designed to improve the cooling of liquids on a PC. All these functions are supported by the generous warranty of this system.

The authorized purchase of this chiller guarantees up to six years of customer support. With such a long warranty period, customers can count on a better price-quality ratio.

The NZXT 120mm AIO Chiller has a wide range of functions to help cool your PC.

3. CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML120L – best AIO liquid cooler


MasterLiquid ML120L RGB cooler...

MasterLiquid ML120L RGB cooler…

  • Double chamber pump in 3. Production for overall cooling efficiency and performance
  • Newly updated SickleFlow exterior design for better lighting and fan blades for quiet operation
  • Signature RGB cooling lighting with RGB design for all users requiring a complete lighting solution

Customers looking for the best 120mm AIO coolant compatible with AMD and Intel motherboards should check this option.

The impressive coolant size, 6.2 x 4.7 x 1.1 inches, is ideal for multiple speakers. In addition, the 120 mm high-density cooler provides sufficient support to increase the cooling capacity.

In addition, the two tubes of this cooler contribute to its impressive appearance and overall cooling efficiency.

EPDM is the material chosen for the jacket connection of this cooler. With this hull, better cooling is easier to control. It also comes with a spill protection bracket designed to maximise the use of pre-filled liquids.

The RGB controller (wired) of this cooler is another feature that deserves attention. Impressive light and colour effects enhance the decorative effect.

The AMD Ryzen and Intel LGA CPU ports support this cooler and make it a universal choice for more cooling.

The closed design also increases the airflow potential of this cooler to significantly support heat dissipation.

The features of this closed-loop processor cooler make it a brilliant choice that should be considered the best choice.

4. Asus ROG RYUO 120 RGB is the best processor cooler foroverclocking.

Asus ROG RYUO 120 RGB AIO liquid CPU...

Asus ROG RYUO 120 RGB AIO liquid CPU…

  • 1.77 color OLED panel for real-time system statistics and custom logos or animations via Asus Liveash software…
  • Aura Sync lighting units with addressable RGB lighting have an almost infinite color palette with the ability to synchronize effects…..
  • Precise PWM pump and fan control via the Xpert fan reduces unnecessary noise and keeps your system cooler.

If you are looking for a processor cooler with better controllability and heat transfer, take a look at this. It has many functions that can cover your cooling needs.

With a nominal airflow of 80.9 CFM, this CPU cooler is one of the best ways to significantly support airflow. A powerful airflow ensures faster heat dissipation from the motherboard and its components.

With a noise level of 37.6 dB, this processor cooler offers improved performance with minimal output noise.

With the ASUS Live Dashboard Management System, this refrigerator’s 1.77-inch OLED panel provides system statistics for advanced monitoring.

A fantastic collection of colours in this refrigerator thanks to the Aura-Sync function. Thanks to this function, different shades are updated and can be taken out of your cooler.

The fan also promotes better noise control during cooling by controlling the PWM fan/pump. It is one of the few fans to increase airflow and improve cooling capacity.

The aluminium housing of the pump is supplied with this unit to ensure a more robust construction. In addition, it is equipped with reinforced reinforcement transit pipes to ensure the long life of this refrigerator.

Buyers of better CPU coolers for overclocking should consider this option. Thanks to its impressive features and control, better heat dissipation can become a matter of course.

5. Enermax Aquafusion 120 – Best 120 mm water cooler AIO

Enermax Aquafusion 120 RGB address...

Enermax Aquafusion 120 RGB address…

  • 【Unique square light template【C8 SquA RGB has 2 unique square light effects on the front of the light template.
  • 【A9 To 40% more airflow【C8 Extended sheet surface and air intake design The unique square frame design allows for a more compact design.
  • 【A9 Addressable synchronized RGB lighting【C8 Synchronized RGB lighting via the addressable RGB header of the motherboard …

Do you need a liquid cooler with a robust construction and special features? It is most likely an AIO cooler that fits your PC perfectly.

Approximately 16.8 m colour variations with ten predefined patterns give this fan a brilliant appearance when used. The pipes with a diameter of 400 mm also offer the best thrust for easy installation in various main systems.

And the dimensions of 154 mm x 120 mm x 27 mm are ideal for multi-fan speakers.

The RGB synchronization functions of this cooler increase the potential to support even more colors. In addition, SCT technology generally offers better heat transfer.

It also has a universal design suitable for multiple CPU connections.

Your relentless search for the best IOA cooler can end with this option. Its impressive specifications make it compatible with multiple points of sale. So if you need a multi-function cooler, this might be just what you need.

6. EVGA CLC 120mm – Best AIO All-in-One 120mm

Enermax Aquafusion 120 RGB address...

Enermax Aquafusion 120 RGB address…

  • 【】 SquA RGB has 2 unique square lighting effects seen from the front of the room.
  • 【A9 To 40% more airflow【C8 Extended sheet surface and air intake design The unique square frame design allows for a more compact design.
  • 【A9 Addressable synchronized RGB lighting【C8 Synchronized RGB lighting via the addressable RGB header of the motherboard …

The advanced design and many attractive features make this refrigerator your favourite option. Consider what it offers to better support heat dissipation.

Its 58.8 CFM power helps increase airflow and accelerate data transfer from your PC.

Moreover, this refrigerator has a noise level of 20 decibels. This impressive sound level ensures quieter operation and smoother performance.

The large 120 mm heatsink increases the chance that your PC gets better cooling.

Another essential feature of this refrigerator is its adjustability. The fan can be modified and updated in the future for faster functionality.

The copper base of this unit also contributes to a better cooling and heat transfer potential.

Looking for the best processor fluid cooler? The functions of this cooler can be exactly what your computer needs to work more easily and flawlessly.

7. LeCorsair Hydro Series H80i v2 is the best AIO cooler with adjustable speed control.

AIO Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2 liquid is...

AIO Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2 liquid is…

  • 120 mm ultra flat cooler: 49 mm deep provides a large surface for fast cooling.
  • Improved heatsink and pump design: Better efficiency means lower temperatures with less noise. X-FI sound device
  • Advanced PWM SP120L fan design: improved air supply with high static pressure and adjustable speed

The hidden specifications of this AIO cooler make it a brilliant choice to check. With all these suggestions, your PC might work better.

Heat dissipation is greatly improved by this system with its 120 mm cooler. And the depth of 49 millimetres promotes better cooling.

With an air flow rate of 77 CFM, this cooler also offers better heat transfer in record time.

It comes with a set of sturdy tubes connected to the main unit. It also controls coolant temperature, fan speed, etc.

PC manufacturers looking for the best 120mm AIO water cooler should consider this option. As the chiller is designed for more customization, it can easily meet the heat exchange needs of multiple PCs.

AIO vs. air cooler

The AIO cooler offers significant cooling support compared to conventional air coolers. AIO liquid coolers come with pre-filled fluids that promote better heat transfer to the motherboard.

And because the cooling capacity of water is greater than that of air in an enclosed space, AIO coolers work better.

Are AIO coolers worth it?

AIO coolers can be a distinguishing feature due to better heat transfer for complex PC operations.

Differences between ILO and air cooled chillers may be acceptable in the overall calculation. But for processes that can generate more heat in your PC, air coolers have the advantage.

In short: Air coolers are worth your investment.


Do I need to fill my AIO coolers?

No, you don’t have to fill the coolers with liquid.

Most AIO coolers come with pre-filled fluids and do not require prolonged maintenance.

AOA is better than air?

AIO coolers are better than air-cooled coolers because of the total fluid transfer as the temperature of the components drops. AIO coolers dissipate heat faster than conventional air coolers, giving them a performance advantage.

What is the best 120 mm IAT?

120 mm AIO Top 7 cooler

  • Hydropiracy H60 series
  • NZXT Octopus M22 120 mm
  • CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML120L
  • Asus ROG RYUO 120 RGB
  • Enermax Aquafusion 120
  • EVGA CLC 120 mm
  • Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2

What is the best AEO for gambling?

Top five: 120 mm AIO cooler for gaming PCs

  • NZXT Octopus M22 120 mm
  • CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML120L
  • Asus ROG RYUO 120 RGB
  • EVGA CLC 120 mm
  • Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2


It is not so easy to make a good choice for the best 120 mm AIO coolers. Thanks to the objective information in this report, you can be sure to make a quick and satisfactory choice in the shortest possible time.

And thanks to their performance, these coolers ensure optimal heat dissipation for your system!

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