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Disaster Report 4 was originally scheduled to be released on PlayStation 3 in 2011: Summer Memories came out at a very unfortunate time, as it had to be published around the same time that the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. It is possible that the game will be interrupted after a certain delay due to lack of preparation for release.  If you want to know more, you can read a few articles, because in the end, the average player doesn’t care.

Summer Memories Review –

I was interested in him because he was brought here by NIS America, a publisher I respect very much. I appreciate the fact that they are releasing games here that we would normally never see in the United States.  I can tell you about the many games they brought us that are among my favorites. However, this is somewhere near RBI Baseball (every year) for Switch – uninspired and boring with terrible game mechanics. It is a mystery to me how this poorly constructed game could have been released to the public. I expect more, but I also realize that I am trying to recoup some of the investment costs.  But please don’t waste your money before you realize that this is one of the worst games I’ve ever played on the Swap.

I have a tumblr with a complete listing of the games I play.  In my 30+ years (and I mean MORE) in the industry, I’ve played very few games that I couldn’t say anything good about.  Unfortunately, he’s one of them. From the moment you start the extremely tedious process of creating a story to the moment you start rethinking games in general, I couldn’t name a single redeeming quality to draw on for an interesting review.

Summer Memories Review –

The graphics are unfinished and uninspired. The character models are laconic and lack character. I expected this from something made for the Nintendo 64 or the original PlayStation system when they were just starting to understand how to make 3D games. In fact, they did even better back then. I lost count when I held on to something that wasn’t there.

There were very few indications that the game wanted you to move towards the progression of the story.  The game puts you at a dead end, but doesn’t allow you to really understand your end goal. Are you going to a job interview, going to work or going home? If you wander aimlessly, you will be saved by accidentally getting too close to someone talking to you.  Then decide how you’re going to respond. Once you do, you have no idea where to go.  I went under the building and I was really glad it collapsed and killed my main character.  At least something happened. I learned not to walk under buildings that might collapse, but everywhere you looked there was something ready to fall.  There was no safe zone outside.  I decided to help this teacher find her students.  This act caused me to fall on buildings that had just collapsed and crushed.  I make my way through the narrow corridors under the buildings that crushed me again earlier.  The game makes no sense.

Summer Memories Review –

After shaking hands with the teacher and her three students, I could choose the one I liked and wanted to shake hands with.  So… during a disaster where death is around every corner (and beyond!), I decided to try and hit one of these young women? I understand it’s a game, but there aren’t many, why should I care?

One thing I found amusing, especially considering where we are in 2020. I had to find toilet paper for a man who was in the bathroom of a company that apparently had no toilet paper.  I also had to get water for the injured one, although there were bottles of filling liquid all over the store.  Every minute I played, I was greeted by the same puzzles, and they were all crazy.

I can’t recommend this game to anyone, except maybe people who like bad movies or, ironically, who play the game for fun. For those who are really curious about what a train wreck looks like in the game, a free demo is available in the Disaster Report 4 online store. I can’t in good conscience give you hope that you’ll find something you like. I advise you to avoid it completely. There are many other games on the Switch that deserve your attention.

Disaster report 4: Overview of Summer Memories
  • Charts – 4/10
  • Sound – 4/10
  • Gameplay – 4/10
  • Late complaint – 3/10


Final thoughts : AFDB

No.  Simply…. No. Find something else. Terrible controls, bad writing, and a confusing and boring game make Disaster Report 4 a game I wouldn’t throw in the trash and for which you get a 99% discount.

Summer Memories Review –

Jay has been an avid gamer since the days of intelligence.  His hobbies include building personal computers, 3D modeling and printing, and spending time with his kids and dog.


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