Release date and details for the new world in The Sims 4’s Snowy Escape expansion

The latest expansion to Sims 4 has been announced under the name Snowy Escape and is, as expected, a brand new part of the game dedicated to winter and cold weather. This is an important addition to the basic game and brings many new features, new items and much more. Don’t forget to read about the new world in Snowy Escape and the release date to access it.

Date of snow clearing

The Snowy-Escape extension of Sims 4 comes out on the 13th. November 2020: Released on PC (EA Origin and Steam), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $39.99. If you have EA Play, the game comes to you with a small discount of $35.99.

A quick overview of the snow and other innovations on the road can be found in the trailer below.

New world of snow escapes

The new world created in Snow Escape is called Mount Komorebi and is largely inspired by Japanese culture. There are three areas in the new world that will see a lot of new things. Here you will find a short description of what awaits you at each location.


Senbamachi is the longest district of Snowy Escape. The area is beautiful, with many cherry blossoms and bamboo forests scattered everywhere. The region is in perfect harmony with nature and traditional Japanese culture. Here are three lots for sale, each showing the influence of culture in the design.

But there’s something to do for the house in Senbamachi. Izakaya Ippai Bar and Hanamigawa Koen Park are two popular meeting places in the area. If you are more interested in the supernatural, walk into the cemetery and honor the dead during the Festival of Light and contact the spirits or stay in the mountain temple. For the more adventurous, there are also excursions into the bamboo forest or climbing.


Wakaba is a newer area in the Comorebi region that is becoming more and more popular due to the activities of the community. There are four plots, three for sale and one for rent. The buildings here have a modern design. As this is the most remote area of the mountain, there is no snow here.

Vakaba hosts the Youth Festival, where children can hunt for empty creatures with the Snow Escape mascot, and the main meeting place is the Hazakura Lounge.


Yukimatsu is the last district and presents on screen all your wishes for the winter. The whole area at the foot of the Comoros is permanently covered with a blanket of snow and hosts the Snow Festival, where games and sculptures can be seen. There are only two plots, both for rent. These buildings look more like those in Senbamachi, but are more like holiday homes.

The whole area can be classified as a large ski chalet. When you visit the public baths of Soutefani Onsen, you will regenerate and really relax. Conversely, you can hike the route, find caves or take a gondola lift to the mountain and ski or snowboard on the snow-covered slopes.

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