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Reflection by Mine is a dark puzzle game set in the broken mind of Lilly Wichgan, where players must experience a dissociative personality disorder to determine which one is real: Lilly herself or one of her many personalities.

Reflection of Mine is a puzzle game in which players must move from point A to point B, avoiding obstacles and death traps. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But it’s not. In the game, players control both Lilly’s personality (cheerful, colorful, dark, suppressed) and the slightly different paths that must be followed to reach the mirror at the end and move on to the next puzzle.

If you go to the left, both Lilly’s go to the left, but if the left one has a clear path to follow, it doesn’t mean that Lilly can go to the right, because she might be facing a death trap, not a clear path. You have to think about every movement and consider the path of the two characters. A useful mechanism is that you can freeze the character by moving it. For example, if you go down a flight of stairs and Lilly is stuck on the left side between safe obstacles, you can move the right Lilly freely until he goes up.

Each level also has certain points that serve as checkpoints, so you don’t have to start again if you make a mistake later. Of course, both Lillys need to be in place to save their lives. Talk about mistakes: If you accidentally make a mistake or make an extra move, you can cancel the last move by pressing a button.

If you die too often (or if you select Help from the Pause menu), you will be asked to switch to a Road Trip, moving both Lillys at the same time to avoid a fatal peak when selecting items that increase or decrease your speed. You will also find the masks with which you can call for help during layers (by choosing Help from the Pause menu). This helper comes in the form of a ghost creature that shows you the way to the checkpoint. Depending on the number of masks you remove, you will receive limited help. After finishing the game, you can also unlock hard mode, where players must reach the end without exceeding the number of steps specified for each level.

The biggest problem is that the game directly behind the goal becomes very difficult. The first two levels are a great tutorial and will help you understand the general principle of the game, but from the third level of the first chapter you have to stretch your brains; let’s say it’s not the kind of game you play to relax after a hard day’s work. If you prefer more random puzzles like Lumines of Friday the 13th Killer Puzzles, this is not for you.

Reflective Mine does excellent visual work by showing both sides of Lilly’s personality on the same plane. On the left side of the screen you see a normal Lilly in a colorful and cheerful environment with grass and flowers, and on the right side you see a dark Lilly with a repressed personality. A soundtrack is a dark, creepy, score synthesizer-based soundtrack that sometimes feels a little uncomfortable during a long session; fortunately it is easy to mute when you concentrate on a task.

Reflection by Mine is a unique puzzle game that requires extra intelligence from players. Although I appreciate its uniqueness, which requires the simultaneous control of two characters and the need to consider the consequences of both, it is difficult to recommend Reflection of Mine because it focuses on a niche group of players. Faced with the thorn of Damocles, all you have to do is register as a riddle or a masochist.

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The promoter: Red Black Shovel Publishing House: Date of release of the games Ratalaika
: 9. October 2020. Platforms : PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
platform : PlayStation 4

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