R-Type Final 2 Review –

R-Type Final 2 Review –

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R-Type Final 2 Review –

R-Type Final 2 is a classic shooter that takes you on a journey full of danger and glory.  The game begins as you are trapped in an unknown dimension, with a single ship and a limited amount of resources.  In order to get out, you will need to travel the galaxy, and fight off the enemies that stand in your way.  Along the way, you will find upgrades to your ship that will make you stronger, and help you in your mission to get back to Earth.

For those who don’t know, we have a section of the site called Warp Zone, where we play games that came out 30 years ago, talk about them in our monthly podcast, and write reviews and other stuff for the site. I’ve been playing a lot of Super Nintendo games in recent months in preparation for Warp Zone, and I have fond memories of playing Super R-Typeas a teenager in the fall of 1991. When I received an email offering to write a review of R-Type Final 2 , I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. It’s been a long time since the new R-Type came out, and I really like the two-dimensional side scrolling shmups.

R-Type Final 2 Review – R-Type Final 2 Review –

My knowledge of the R-Type franchise is not as extensive as some others, but I have played a good portion of it. I distinctly remember trying the original arcade game in the late 80s and being amazed at the complexity of the sprites and the creepy backgrounds. My friend had a Super R-Type game, and I really liked the music and the game was just fun. Years later I got TurboDuo and played R-Type again and had a lot of fun, but that was the last time I touched that series….. Until today.

R-Type Final 2 (I think the developers took a page from Square Enix’s title book) is a love letter to fans of the franchise. It retains the horizontal side-scrolling motion typical of the previous games, while the graphics have been revised to include three-dimensional backgrounds and enemies. This makes scenes look more realistic as you scroll through them, and there are even sections that rotate around you, which you would never have seen in 16-bit.

R-Type Final 2 Review –

The basic game mechanics are also unchanged: You control your ship and defeat hordes of enemies and flying space aliens. You can still get the Force (no, not the Force), a flying mechanical object that can be attached to the front or back of your ship to upgrade your weapons. You can detach it and move forward or backward, directly towards the enemies, to destroy them. He has the added benefit of being able to absorb small orbs, which in turn fill a special dosimeter that, when filled, can unleash a screen-filling attack that often destroys all enemies at once or deals massive damage to the final boss.

Weapons can also be upgraded and offer a choice of attacks such as lasers, flames, missiles and more. If you take the same power again, you can increase its level. Note that the shooting and attack pattern may differ depending on whether or not your Force is connected to the ship. Speaking of ships, you can choose several at the beginning of the game. They have minor differences, and the central one may offer different types of attacks. You can edit them and open new ones as you go.

R-Type Final 2 Review –

R-Type Final 2 can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re not used to this genre. It’s not crazy like some of the recent bullet hell shooters, but there are plenty of ways to end your life here. You have access to different levels of difficulty right from the start. So if you have too much space dust, you can try the lighter option. I know I enjoy the slow scrolling of the game and the somewhat clever strategic level design that doesn’t force me to memorize patterns, but allows me time to try new things and have fun. So many shooting games fall into the same trap of complexity for complexity’s sake, and it’s nice to see any of them meet different skill levels.

While I have enjoyed playing R-Type Final 2, it is far from perfect. There are a few things that stand out, but worst of all is that if you die, you can’t just come back to life and continue the game. Instead, you enter a loading screen that takes about 7 seconds (it feels even longer), and then you start over from the checkpoint with no bonuses. Overall, the game gives you a chance to pick up a few before the final boss, which is a lot of fun, but it definitely knocks you out, and it’s a shame that the load times are so long.

Another little nuance – this is obviously more of a personal complaint, and some of you probably don’t mind, but it’s so annoying to see this kind of thing in modern games based on old franchises. And it’s exactly these kinds of unnecessary scenes or interactions that are so common in games. In this case, you have to go through 3D animated scenes at the very beginning of the game that add absolutely nothing to the gameplay. There’s a scene where you have to decide whether to give the crew a thumbs up, a salute or a wink, and I think: Why am I doing this? I just want to play the damn game! You can view it by clicking the Start button and choosing Skip, but even then you won’t be led directly to the action. It’s unnecessary, boring, and shouldn’t be in the game.

R-Type Final 2 Review –

The graphics and sound are mixed. Nothing exceptionally bad in either department, but nothing exceptional either. Part of the appeal of the first games in the series was their scary, almost alien environments and bosses. There’s a bit of that here, but for the most part, the 3D backgrounds are formal and can be found in literally any other space shooter. The enemies are not very interesting, and the graphics as a whole are a bit messy and probably date back to the PS2 era. Maybe I’m being too harsh, but that’s how I feel when I play the game. Fortunately I had no technical problems (slowdown, flickering, etc), but visually the game is not very impressive. The music is also rather forgettable, and I miss the driving rhythms of the Super R-Type game on the Super NES.

Despite some of these flaws, I can recommend R-Type Final 2 to anyone who loves the series or is interested in side-scrolling shooters. I consider it one of the most accessible shooters of the past decade, thanks to its many difficulty levels and slow, methodical pace of play. All the classic game mechanics are back, and it’s still fun to blow things up. The $39.99 price tag may seem too high for newcomers, but if you’re unsure, there’s a free demo of the game on the eShop, or you can always wait for the sale. NIS America is usually very generous with discounts on their games after a few months. Whatever price you end up paying, I think you’ll find a lot here that you’ll like.

R-Type Final 2 Overview
  • Graphics – 6.5/10
  • Sound – 6.5/10
  • Playability – 8.5/10
  • Long-term attractiveness – 7.5/10


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R-Type fans will love this new space game. Beginners will be happy to know that there are different levels of difficulty from the start. While the audiovisual presentation leaves something to be desired, the gameplay is nonetheless appealing and fun.

R-Type Final 2 Review –

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