Everyone can play PUBG mobile beta, and its AWESOME!

The Chinese PUBG Mobile is available for everyone(in Chinese tho), and its incredibly much better than expected!

Its incredibly impressive how they managed to port this game for mobile phones, the mobile version is extremely much more optimized than the PC / Xbox version.

The beta is in Chinese but you dont have to be able to read it to play the beta, the default game settings are good and there are translations online if you want to change things in options. And when playing you do not have to be able to read anything, just aim and go!

Here’s a guide for getting started:

What I did was (Android):

Install the taptap app, load it from their site when it was not in my playstore.

Install PUBG, there are two different versions: timi and lightspeed. timi should be more beautiful but lightspeed is more “competetive” and resembles the original, with bullet drop etc. I am playing lightspeed so far and it works very well. It was somewhat messy to understand which version is which, on this picture you will see the two versions different logos.

When installed, you have to log in to the game with Wechat or QQ (?). I had Wechat before so that was easy for me. QQ should apparently be easier to fix but I do not know, do as you please!

PUBG Mobile is #1 in the taptap app store, so its very popular! I totally understand why.

Are you gonna try it? Did you like it? Write about your experience in the comments below!

  • March 9, 2018
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