New Hybrid map Blizzard World is live on Overwatch Public Test Region

Already revealed at BlizzCon, but Currently available to perform on and examine: Blizzard World, the most recent Hybrid map for Overwatch. The Amusement park map not just unites the Assault along with Escort match styles, but is also a combo of varied Blizzard highlights and games.

Who’d like to fight at the Hearthstone tavern or create a Play of the Game across the Pylons out of StarCraft; it is all possible from the vibrant (and sadly not yet present) Blizzard World. The map will initially be analyzed on the newest update of this Overwatch ‘Public Test Region (PTR), then moved to the last version of this shooter shortly.

The newest upgrade over the PTR further exerts small, extreme shift for the shooting game. Lately the famous Moira Has been added, in addition to a couple of tweaks for support heroes such as Mercy and Ana. Not every balance change could rely on unanimous compliments, therefore Blizzard appears to restrict itself to only a couple of bug fixes on animations and improving PC performance.

Are you interested in more pictures of Blizzard World? Then pay a visit to the official website article of all Blizzard itself.

We’ll be seeing you battling against enemies from Blizzard World?

  • December 21, 2017
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