Blizzard and Funko reveal new series of cute Overwatch figures

Always wanted to have a cute doll from Zarya, Roadhog or Zenyatta at your desk? Then you’re lucky, because Blizzard and Funko extend their collaboration around the series Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. In addition to the existing series (including heroes such as Lúcio, Reaper and Widowmaker) will soon appear six additional statues of many beloved characters from Overwatch.

In particular, the cute variants of Junkrat, Roadhog, Zarya, Mercy, Zenyatta and the slightly later added Sombra. Each and every one of them is equipped with their distinctive standard costume, while some of them hold certain Victory Poses that players only unlock later. All six, however, do not escape the waterhead syndrome, which is now a standard for the entire Funko Pop!-Line.

The six new vinyl dolls were not revealed this time by Funko, but by Blizzard, via their own Twitter page. Although it appears that the merchandise will soon be on sale at, it is not yet known whether the figurines will remain exclusively for that specific webshop.

Slowly but surely, almost every Overwatch player can score a Funko Pop! Version of his or her favorite main. Do you already see your regular hero in the supply, or is this form of merchandise not to your liking?

  • January 25, 2018
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