Otti the House Keeper Review (Nintendo Switch)

Otti the House Keeper Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Ottie Homeowner
Genre : Puzzle, strategy system: Nintendo Switch (also PC)
Developer|Publisher : Maxim Vostruhin| Final Games
Age Rating : EU 7+ | US Teenage
Price : US $8.99 | UK £7.19 | EU €8.99
Publication date : 20. January 2021

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Otti is a retired thief who has a lot of gold and is having trouble with a gang of thieves who are chasing him. For Otti is cursed, perhaps for all his past misdeeds, and it’s up to you, the player, to set traps in various 2D houses to stop the thieves in their tracks and allow Otti to continue his lonely retreat into the world. The game originally came out on PC, but now Otti is coming to Switch, so we’ll see how it looks.

Burglars beware, you’ll be scared….

Otti the House Keeper Review (Nintendo Switch)

Perfect Trap

The idea behind each level is that you have to place a number of traps in different houses. Such as traps with nails, falling boxes, spiders, ghosts, etc. There is a wide choice. The idea behind each level is to scare off the burglar(s) who arrive and move on to the next house, which has a different layout and different traps. When you are satisfied with the location of the trap, press play and the thief will begin his raid.

Some traps need to be activated when the predator arrives at the right time. You can also manipulate the attacker’s path by using distractions such as. B. Activate a box that will attract the attacker’s attention and hopefully fall into one of your traps. It’s an interesting mix of trickery, defense, and puzzles. Failure is very likely, but you can quickly restart the level by pressing a button, moving the traps and trying again. Perseverance is the key, and it’s satisfying when you succeed. There really is no penalty for failure, making this title a regular player who would want to watch.  When a level is finished, play something like Where’s Wally? A mini-game by clicking on the treasures hidden in the house. Also, in some levels there are vaults in which you must complete a fun mini-game to find more treasures. The main menu allows you to explore your golden treasure, which steadily grows as you progress through the game.

An interesting way to open the safe

Otti the House Keeper Review (Nintendo Switch)

The graphics are the simply drawn sprites I’ve seen in other low-budget games, including Monster Slayers, which I reviewed last year. That doesn’t really give the game a unique personality. Instead, it reminds me of the scribbles I used to make in my high school notebook, but with a little more color. There is a certain diversity in the area, from castles to Egyptian tombs. It’s not the most remarkable graphical style, but the inimitable gameplay makes up for it. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with the switch controls.

Otti, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.

Otti the House Keeper Review (Nintendo Switch)

Control problems

The controls are dirty and ugly on the switch. The computer version of the game used the mouse and selected traps, placed them and activated them in a fairly simple manner. The switch allows you to choose between touch or push button operation. Unfortunately, none of the controls seem sensitive or easy to use, even if you choose to mix and match them in manual mode. When I used the touch controls, I often found myself poking around on the touch screen to select items on the screen. I also have large fingers, so touching small objects in the game was a nightmare. When using the buttons, the analog stick acts as the mouse pointer and then you use the shoulder buttons to select the trap. It works a little better, but it gets tricky when you try to remove the traps. Here you need to select the Remove tab before you can remove the trap. None of the control schemes seem easy or fun, and in watching the PC videos, it’s clear that the game works much better with a mouse.

Go around at the end of a level to find gold.

Otti the House Keeper Review (Nintendo Switch)

I also encountered some bugs during the game. Some cactus-like traps simply did not activate when an intruder approached them. There were also traps that overlapped, mostly boxes. None of this broke the game, but it led to a lot of frustration for which there seemed to be only one solution.

PC Test

Otti The House Keeper may not be the biggest fan favorite, but its gameplay has some interesting ideas that make a nice mix of trick and defense and puzzle. Unfortunately, the Otti connection to the Switch is not as strong as the PC connection. Problems with controls, whether tactile or button-based, make the experience more frustrating than it should be.

Check out the PC version, which seems to work well on most laptops. There’s also a free demo on Steam, but watch out for the Switch version.

Last block: not sure..

Otti the House Keeper Review (Nintendo Switch)


How do you load…

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