Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Horn of the ocean 2: Knights of the Lost Child
: Action, adventure system: Nintendo Switch (also on the Apple Arcade)
Developer|Publisher : Cornfox & Bros.
The age rating: EU 7+ | USA All prices
: EU 7+ | US Everybody
Date of publication : 28. October 2020

The code is mainly made available through Cornfox & Bros.

One leap forward

I think it’s very appealing for a developer to tackle the high and powerful Zelda series. The first Ocean Horn was a beautiful small isometric adventure game released on several consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. It was a cute little game with all the wonders and adventures you can experience while playing Zelda. When I saw the sequential tape, he knocked me out a little. The transition from the first to the second game was like the intersection of a generation of consoles.

Adventure cruise

I first tried the Oceanhorn 2 on an iPhone booth at John Lewis (British retailer) over a year ago. I took one of the shiny new iPhones and got a little shaken up in the game even though I had to use the touch controls. The main conclusion I’ve drawn from this experience is the following This game looks great, but I want to play it on Switch with buttons, not Apple Arcade! Well, sometimes wishes come true, because at the end of October a small shadow fell on the Oceanhorn-2 system.

Become a Hero of Gaia

You’re playing the young man who just got knighted. The adventure was tempting, and the evil wizard Mesmerot and his dark army came to cause all sorts of problems. The Chevalier and his group of friends should be looking for some shiny balls and at the same time unite the people of Gaia to do things right.

If you haven’t played the first game, don’t worry because this game was staged thousands of years ago. The story is too similar to that of the Zelda series. Your hero doesn’t even speak and prefers to stick to the language of whispers when he fights villains and the language of joy when he opens his chest. Honestly, the way your character who opened the safe made my day. Despite the lack of language of the knights, the other actors have a voice of quite good quality. You will spend many parts of the game with friends, usually a girl and a robot, who constantly comment on the areas you study and even give you simple advice on some of the puzzles. You can give them actions that will help you solve puzzles and they will help you in battle. Sometimes, even though I found out that my robot friend would rather stay here than fight. You probably like real friendship when they’re around you, but sometimes they’re a bit old-fashioned and don’t pay half the dinner.

The research areas are vast

The Ocean Horn 2 shows you the way to your next destination with the help of a marker and a small mini map. The layout of the game allows you to visit different locations, look for safes, talk to the NPC and send enemies to search for experience points and money to spend in slot machines full of points. It’s easy to be distracted from the quest, but if you choose the main mission, you’ll come across several dungeons with easy-to-solve puzzle elements and new items to discover, such as a gun that shoots various elementary spheres. Elements that also help you solve puzzles as you progress.

From time to time the game mixes with epic boss fights and the ability to drive multiple cars. You can feel it all through the numbers, but in the game the design has a certain charm that makes you addicted. When you lie in Gaia’s world, boredom is a feeling that never occurred to me.

Boss fights with Epic Felt

Extended external spaces

Graphically, the Oceanhorn 2 is beautiful with a few small hiccups. Gaia’s world is vast, wide and open. I loved walking around looking for treasures in these large outdoor spaces or pulling apples out of the trees to rebuild my health. Small details like these make the game stand out from the competition. I often had to distract myself from exploring the surroundings and concentrate on the countryside. It’s fun to have a problem in the game, to feel comfortable exploring the world and not rush to the end of the story.

You will also visit several cities inhabited by humans or other strange hybrid species of human animals. As a big fan of owls, I find people affected by humans a little talkative. But I’m weird. The game has proven itself in TV and PDA mode. Although I came across a strange graphic title on television here and there, it was never enough to get rid of the experience.

I don’t know why, but I like to take apples from trees.

Fighting Negroes

The biggest nigger I ever had with gambling was a fight. If bad guys appear, automatically point at them instead of pressing the lock button. The problem is that the knight only locks himself up when he wants to, so he plays with the sword to feel freer. You’ve got a shield to help block you out. The game seems to want you to block at the right time to hit your opponents, but that was hard to predict, so I don’t think it will work as it was probably meant to. I’ve spent most of the battles several times cutting the sword and rolling it back and forth, which made the meetings more boring than enjoyable. It got even dirtier when several enemies appeared on the screen. Fortunately, the game makes up for lost time: The struggle is balanced by enlightenment and mystery. The battles I found with the boss were much more tolerant than the battles with the enemies, because they usually contained light puzzle elements.

After that fight they probably stopped talking.

Set sail for adventure

Oceanhorn 2 is an ambitious step forward from the first game in the series. Many will compare the game to the Nintendo series. Ocean Horn 2 bravely throws his hat into the ring to go to war. There are rough edges in his fight, but it’s the little things in this game that have generally kept me informed.

Research is fun and the world is beautiful, this name is full of surprises. It’s a wonderful adventure that I hope players and I will enjoy as much as I do.

Phrase: I likevery much .

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