Mastermind Review – I know The Peak Blind is a TV show, but because I don’t watch much TV, I didn’t waste my time. Since I’m not a fan of the series, I feel like I have an objective view of the gameplay itself. If you’re a careful observer, you may have even stronger feelings about the game and its characters.

As tip opening : Starts the brain , You are the subject of a conversation between characters of Peaky Blinders, a beverage vendor for bars, etc. At the first level, the cheeky blind decided to steal the champagne from their competitors. I had no idea how to play the game, even after reading the manual. After being a little disconcerting, being caught by the first thing you could catch and turning the game back a couple of times, I was able to finish the first level with a gold status right away. Is it fair, because I just went back to the beginning to try again every time I failed? Probably not, but they set the rules, and I respect them.

I really enjoyed playing. I had to drive on the other side of town to the bar, where I clearly provided them with alcohol. I learned from the conversation that people disappoint me a bit because they know they get their champagne from another supplier, which I found a bit strange because I clearly don’t offer champagne, otherwise I wouldn’t be on the market and steal champagne. Anyway, I followed the instructions of the bar owner who helped me get to the building where the champagne was stored.–.jpg

This is the coolest part: I’m gonna talk to him, and then I’m gonna check up on him. I sit down and ask him to keep the door open as long as I can control him, then I go on to the main character and rewind the time when I could reach the door he wanted to keep open and walk through. I met one of my accomplices, and she told me she was distracting the men when I came along. We’ll do it, and then I’ll take three bottles of champagne and put them in the truck. Yeah, three bottles of champagne for a big party. I can only assume those bottles represent a mass of champagne. It was a bit weird, but I made it in less than 4 minutes and I had to be ready in 5 minutes to get a gold championship score. So it wasn’t too hard, but it was fun.

From then on, the levels become more and more difficult, and I must say that I liked the puzzles and the rewind feature, because I am the master of looting and revenge. Again, I’m not a fan of the show, so I can’t talk to you with that dizzying feeling that you have the ability to manipulate characters from your favorite show, but it worked for me.–.jpg

In the 3/4 game, the view from above and the controls were as good as I expected. The ability to rewind time was easy to understand when I started playing. There are no videos of real actors or anything else, but rather drawings, subtitled drawings that you read when they talk. I didn’t know who was who, but I didn’t care, because I was a big fan of puzzles, and that was enough to amuse me. I couldn’t see if there was any music from the show, but I liked the opening song, which was played from the start, and the rest was good too, so I can’t complain.

I think I can say that if you like a good puzzle game, and especially if you’re a Peaky Blinder fanatic, you can escape reality for a long time. If you don’t like puzzle games, you’re welcome.

Blind at the ends: Organizer’s Overview

  • Graphs – 7/10
  • The tone is 8/10.
  • The course of the game – 7/10
  • Late appeal – 7/10


Final remarks : GOOD PLACES

Spikes are blind: Mastermind is a good puzzle game with time travel elements. If you are a fan of the series, you can easily give it half a point because you understand the characters and the people they represent. For non-fans, this game remains a solid puzzle experience and a lot of fun.–.jpg

Jay’s been an avid gambler since the Secret Service.  His hobbies include making personal computers, 3D modeling and printing, and spending time with his children and dog.

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