Little Hope Pictures Locations Guide – Where to Find All Hidden Pictures

Little Hope Photo Locator Guide

This Little Hope picture guide will show you where to find all the pictures hidden in the game. The game has a total of 13 images hidden in different game files.

If you collect all the photos, you will get a complete picture of the performance / trophy. This guide will tell you exactly where the different pictures are located and how to get them.

Location of the photo guide Kleine Hoffnung

In what follows, we described the images and their position in the game in detail.

Photo 1 – Deadly Omen

A deadly omen is a black cat card. We can find it if we play for Taylor in the No Escape chapter and both Daniel and Angela have to open the door. When you take the control like Taylor did and follow the group on the road in front of you, turn left to an open fence and the picture is in the back of the truck.

Photo #2 – Family

You can find this picture in the game section running just after leaving the Black Cat bar. When you come out of the bar, you play like Andrew who comes out of the bar. Instead of following the road in front of him, turn left from the entrance of the bar to a wooden bench with a painting on it.

Photo #3 – Human sacrifice

This image can be found in the chapter Game Confrontation, especially if you play for Angela. When you take control of Angela, you are on a road that goes to the right and on your left there is a car under a streetlamp. Behind the car is a house with a barrel with a picture in it.

Photo no. 4 – Mercy

This image is in the off-track part of the game and can be found at the police station Little Hope. You are going to try to enter the station, where you have to go to the right after a shortcut with John talking about the radio in the station, after taking the check like Andreas. At the wall of the police station there is an oil barrel with a photo on it.

Figure 5 – As a stone

You can find this picture in the chapter Other playtime if you are in the playground and looking for a way out of Little Hope. There will be a small exit from the playground, which will be indicated by a light. Follow this path to the left of the rocks and then turn right to the picnic bench. The painting is placed on a wooden table.

Photo no. 6 – Ritual knife

You can find this picture in the Other Way, where you play for Daniel and go to the shop. If you are looking for another entrance, take the stairs and go to the top floor. Walk through the hall and turn right into the door in front of the floor opening.

Figure 7 – Limit

You will find this picture in the Continuing the game chapter when the whole group returns to the police station. Once you have control over John and are back on the road, turn left onto a small dirt road that leads to the house. The photo is on the right side of the wooden box.

Picture no. 8 – Black Magic

You’ll find this image in the History of the Complicated Games section when you return to the museum to search for Taylor. When you play for Daniel, you hear a noise, and you have to find Taylor. You have to go out the door and look to the left where you can find it on the table. It’s hard to miss.

Photo no. 9 – Voodoo doll

You can find this image in the Stalking chapter if you play the role of Taylor. If you go outside after the museum, you will find a small platform with wooden benches on the left. Take a look at one of the paintings.

Photo no. 10 – Exorcism

This image can be found in the Surround section when you are in church. Instead of leaving the church, you should stay here until the flashback. First you have to go up where the bell is and then down. When you talk to John, you have to stay in church and agree with him. When you have done that and you have it under control like Taylor, turn around, go through the door behind you and go to the left to take the picture on the table.

Photo no. 11 – Demon at door

You can find this image in the Reflections section if you follow Andrew. At the crossing, turn left behind a wooden information board, where you will find it on a wooden table and bench.

Figure 12 – silently pressed

You can find this image in the Destroyed chapter of the game, if you follow Daniel and reach the building in the forest. When you are instructed to explore a large building, go to one of the lights and you will find a picture on a small table.

Picture nr 13 – rope

You can find this image in the Full Circle section, when you are all hiding in the house. Once you have control over Andrei, go straight ahead and you’ll see the statue on the table on the right side of the path.

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We end here with our guide for the places where the pictures of Kleine Hoffnung are located. Place your comments below.

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