Legion Update 1.05 Patch Released, Full Changelog Here

Ubisoft has released the latest Watch Dogs: Updated Legion 1.05 patch to fix some known bugs and problems in the game

The Legion’s new watchdogs reportedly need about 1.7 GB of PS4 players. As with the PS4, other platforms may expect an almost identical size of the download file. Watch the dogs: Version 1.05 of Legion Patch emphasizes bug fixes, game improvements and stabilization.


To find out more about the update, please read the detailed release notes below.

Watchdogs: Legion Update 1.05 Patch


  • Optimized HDR support to reduce flicker under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue that caused the filmmaker to fail after selecting one of the options in the Man is More than Man mission.
  • Solved a problem where filmmakers could miss characters and sound when starting a film with a long-distance weapon.
  • Fixed an issue that may result in personal UAVs not having a corresponding UI indicator to indicate their location when recalled.
  • The problem with the automatic playback of audio files on reception has been solved.
  • I fixed a bug that made Rusher’s enemy archetypes scream all the time. Too talkative, huh?
  • Fixed a problem that could result in an endless loading screen when workers were replaced near Buckingham Palace.
  • Fixed an issue that could block a hacker puzzle after using the virus hacking during the Enemy Face mission.
  • Fixed the problem that an operator could hold a weapon while interacting with an object marker while carrying a specific weapon during a theatre mission in Full Blume.
  • Fixed the problem that an employee can get stuck in a looped animation after equipping an APGL LTL weapon.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the hologram of the leopard mask to appear behind an operator and not behind the mask window.
  • Fixed a bug that can cause credits to be carried over before the end of the download screen. Turn the credits!


  • An error that may occur when launching a new game has been fixed.
  • Fixed some graphic crashes caused by frequent switching between the operator’s start menu and a control application.
  • I’m sure: If a user did not specify the correct agency code when importing customer data, an error file was created with an empty field to specify the reasons for non-importation. Show us your pictures, DeadSec!

Xbox One

  • Fixed an issue that made the player and the NPC characters in the Battersea area pixellated.
  • Solved a problem that could prevent players from getting a verbal history.
  • Fixed an issue that could crash the game if you removed the selected picture from the Gallery application.


  • The graphic corruption that occurred during the harvest mission has been corrected.
  • Indicate the exit immediately after the play.

Connecting Ubisoft

  • Problem solved that the historian, the discoverer and the collector could not be unlocked.
  • Solved a problem where the connection problems of Ubisoft for stadium players were not solved.


  • Corrected a problem that led to posters being put up in the VUD after the purchase of cosmetics in the game shop.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the Space DJ’s shoulder to stick out.
  • Solved a cutting problem in the women’s version of Marcus’ jacket.
  • Correction of the missing shoulder pads and the chest pocket on the spy jacket.
  • Hologram approvals for the Jungle King and Viper masks have been corrected.

General Information

  • The GPS mark will now be displayed until the players enter the Operations Zone as they drive towards it.


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