Things i wish i knew when i started playing Fortnite

Fortnite is becoming incredibly popular, and after having been able to spend a lot of quality time with the game we can report that it’s really fun. It’s a creative, playful, cheerful co-op shooter that revolves around building bases and then defending them. But we had had even more fun and made more progress if we already knew how all the confusing overlapping loot and experience systems work. Luckily for you, we have already done the rough job for you. Here are the 9 things you need to know to get started seriously with Fortnite.

Do not waste your traps early in the game

One of our biggest views on Fortnite is how painful it is, the challenge is rising. The game teaches you to build fast, but it takes several hours to start throwing enough enemies to make you feel the least threatened. Even though you will hear that the hurdles are coming and that you should equip your base with all possible kinds of defense, it’s really unnecessary at the start of the game. And when you use a trap, the resources are gone too well. If you have a whole layer on your side and some simple spik floor here and there, the hordes will bite into the grass before they get close enough to say hello.

It will be a long time before a whole castle is needed in Fortnite.

Do not waste time studying early in the game

You know what we said about saving your traps? The same reasoning can be applied here. You can keep your resources from mission to mission, and it takes a long time before enemies become a real threat – keep your fortunes as simple as possible at the beginning (if you do not love to build for the sake). We ourselves are childishly fond of building towers by stacking chairs on each other until they reach the sky. Then you place a platform at the top, which is only for dancing and chatting. For some reason, we are always alone up there.

Do not put on your resources

Be careful not to use all stone, metal, and wood as these resources are resistant from match to match. After a few hours, however, you will unlock Expedition Squads, which passively adds your resources over time. Choose a highly successful hero, send out, and look back in after a few hours to reward with a hefty dose of supplies. As you climb along the skill tree, you will be able to send out more teams at a time, and they will come with bigger loads home as well. Do not stop chopping trees under the whole assignment altogether, but be sure to relax a little more. Eventually, you will have what you need to build what you want to build.

Keep an eye out for mines to fill your supplies of traps and weapons

If you want to add rhubarb on a considerable amount of minerals, treasures and god knows what more are the mines you are going to look for. They often appear to be located near the edge of wooded maps, and from our experience to judge they are always worth the trouble of searching. Because your traps and resources needed to design them quickly expire, you need to spend some time locating mines and filling up the stores. Crush the stones to find hidden doors, mineral stores and machinery that you can break down to dress your fort in nails from floor to ceiling.

Taxes give a distinctive sound when close to them.

Break ceilings and floors to find treasures

If you are on a map of residential buildings, hidden passages filled with taxis are often hidden in basements and on the attic. The thing is just that there will not always be a stairway leading you there. Instead, you will have to crash through roof and floor to ensure that no valuables avoid your eye.

Swipe down all that blocks your field of view

The procedurally generated levels sometimes generate procedural junk that blocks your view of the disturbing hordes. Before starting the assault phase, therefore, you should clean up in the field of view – even trees, stone bumps and all that is in the way of the ground. Most enemies are spawned far away, and the guns are extremely hit-to-see, making it easy to dodge the bull before it even comes close to you. If nothing else, it’s practical to be able to hurt them and then let your traps take care of the rest while you’re busy trying to figure out how to build a staircase.

Base defenders are a huge waste

After a number of missions you get the ability to build a panel that spawns a bass defender – an AI hero who does exactly what it sounds like. But they have a deadly shortage: you have to supply them with weapons and ammunition. Your personal ammunition store is not very easy to replenish, and if you hand out valuable bullets to your assistants, they will burn them without thought.

  • February 19, 2018
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