Extractor guide for passive resource farming in Warframe –

Extractors are a unique and sometimes overlooked way to grow some medium and early game resources without actively playing Warframe. Extractors, also called resource drones, can be used on planets where all nodes have been cleared to extract resources during Warframe playback or from a Warframe smartphone application without active viewing. You can manage a resource from a set of 4 different scarcity sources on each planet. The pools of raw materials are different for each planet, and the amount of extracted raw materials also varies.

Tools worth enlarging with Extractors

Exhaust systems can handle one of four different sources on each planet. Resources vary from planet to planet and come from a limited range of common (C), rare (U) and infrequent (R) resources. The most popular resource for agriculture with extractors is : Ferrite, storage, plastics, hexanone, rubedo and polymer bundles.

Here is a complete list of resources that can be placed on the celestial chart planet using extractors.

  • Mercury:
    Ferrite (C), polymer beam (U), detonator lamp (U), morphine (R).
  • Venus:
    alloy plate (C), sample filling (U), chain (U), polymer support (R)
  • Earth:
    Ferrite (C), Rubedo (U), Ignition bulb (U), Neurodes (R).
  • Mars:
    Rescue (C), morphine (U), Fieldron sample (U), gallium (P).
  • Phobos:
    Alloy plate (C), Rubedo (U), Plastic (U), Morphic (R)
  • Cereras:
    Light metal plate (C), chain (U), detonator (U), Orokin cell (R).
  • Jupiter:
    Alloy plate (U), Rescue plate (C), Hexanon (U), Neural sensors (R)
  • Europe:
    Rubedo (C), fildron sample (U), control module (R), morphine (R).
  • Saturn:
    Nanosport (C), plastic (U), detonite lamp (U), Orokin cell (R)
  • Uranus:
    polymer bundles (K), plastics (K), detonation bulb (U), gallium (R)
  • Neptune:
    Ferrite (C), Nanosports (C), Filter probe (U), Control module (R).
  • Pluto:
    Alloy plate (C), Rubedo (U), Plastic (U), Morphic (R)
  • Saddle:
    Alloy plate (C), spare plate (C), Rubedo (U), detonation vessel (U).
  • Eris:
    Nanospores (C), plastides (U), neurodes (R), mutagenic sample (R)
  • Lua:
    Ferrite (C), Rubedo (U), Ignition bulb (U), Neurodes (R).
  • The queen’s fortress:
    Rescue (C), circulation (U), detonation lamp (U), neural sensors (R)

You cannot use extractors in the Vacuum or Dellite.

The scarcity of resources on the list does not necessarily mean that the mission’s resources will decrease. For most planets I made 100 extractor introductions to get the right statistics about rarities and resource quantities. If you like statistics, the last chapter is for you.

You don’t have to remember the list above, as the resources that can be cultivated will appear again when you use your extractors. For more information on this topic, see the section How to use and deploy extractors.

How many raw materials can be grown with extractors?

Agricultural raw materials with extractor have several layers of rng. You get one of the four resources on the planet, depending on how scarce they are. The actual level of resources is within reach, which also varies according to the resources.

Many rare sources, such as the Orokin cell, the neural sensor or neurons, can be obtained as 4 of them precisely. Unusual resources – several hundred for production and total resources – about 1000 for production.

Here are some examples of common and unusual resources that I have developed:

  • Hexanon (Jupiter): 45 August
  • Alloy plate (Jupiter) : August. 640
  • Polymer bundles (Uranus) : August 475
  • nanoparks (Eris): August. 1200
  • Ferrite (mercury) : 600 August
  • Rescue (Mars): August 900
  • Plastides (Phobos): 120 August

The last paragraph of this manual contains complete statistics about the 1200 extraction system introductions I made in preparation of this article.

How to obtain extractors

There are two different types of head extractors: Titanium extractor and distiller. Both have their own borrowing of 50,000 loans on the market. It is best to look for an extractor hood and you will find reusable drawings here.

Titanium Extractor

This extraction system is suitable for shared sources. There is a 75.5% chance of restoring a common resource on this planet, a 22.5% chance of restoring an unusual resource and a 2% chance of restoring a rare resource.

The titanium extractor is also much faster than the distillation extractor when it comes to extracting raw materials. The extraction process takes only 4 hours.

Distillation extractor

The distillation extractor is more suitable for the cultivation of unusual raw materials. It has a 65% chance of returning a rare resource, a 30% chance of returning a shared resource and a 5% chance of returning a rare resource.

The chance of obtaining extraordinary raw materials is greater at the expense of a long extraction process. It takes eight hours to finish once.

Are the Titan Prime distillers and extractors worthwhile?

Both extractors also have better options. There’s a Prime Distiller and a Titan Prime Extractor. Both are vaulted, but sometimes one or the other is vaulted with first-class accessories.

Titanium Prime doubles the total resources mined in one go. This is particularly useful for growing polymer bundles on Uranus or nanopores on Eris. If you are looking for these or other shared resources, the Titan Prime Extractor is worth it.

Distillation of primary extractors shows a slight increase for unusual raw materials compared to the non-primary version. This means that Distilling Prime has a 75% chance of receiving an unusual raw material, instead of a 65% chance. This increase is not enough, the distillation extractor is not worth it.

How are extractors used and applied?

Once you’ve bought your extractors and realized what agents you can use, you may wonder how to place them.

Let’s start by building an extraction system of your choice from a drawing in your foundry. You can and should build multiple extractors, because you can use multiple extractors on different planets. The number of extractors you can use at any given time depends on your level of knowledge.

  • Skill level 0-4: 1 extractor hood installed
  • Powers 5-9 : Use of 2 extractors
  • Competence 10+: 3 extraction inserts

If you have already purchased some form of Prime Access, you will receive an additional extraction system.

You can only use extractors on planets where all mission nodes are complete. There must therefore be no flashing blue buttons to turn the extractor hood.

The usage process in the game is simple:

  • Log in to your star map.
  • Select a planet with all the rival nodes.
  • Look in the lower right corner, on the star chart in the window, there is a symbol like this extractor hood.
  • Move the cursor over it and press the Expand Extractor
  • Choose one of your extraction systems

Now that your drone is deployed, it takes 4 hours for the Titan extractor or 8 hours for the distillery extractor to get drugs. You can remember all the extractors before they finish mining, but you will not receive any funds.

You can find your extractors in 4 or 8 hours. The way they are repaired is similar, but there is a difference in the wording that could confuse you the first time. Go to your star map and go to the planet where you installed your extractor. In the lower right corner you have to select the raw material drones.

You will now see the icon of a known extraction system that shows the raw materials he extracted from the planet. Click on the Claim Now button for resources. Coil and repeat for all planets.

Use the mobile application for exhaust systems

I strongly advise you to use the official Warframe mobile application to control your extractors. You do not need to enter the game on your PC or console. You can cultivate by going to work, to the bathroom, or to a boring meeting.

Select the activity types in the application and go to the ejectors. Select the cooker hood of your choice and you will get a list of planets on which you can use it. Come back to the application in 4 or 8 hours and use Claim All to get all the extractors.

Extractors damaged, what now?

Don’t wait too long to get the extractors back. From time to time they get damaged, and the more they are not used, the greater the damage. In the mobile app, the first thing you see is the health meter.

Exhaust systems can theoretically be destroyed, but only if you have used the originally damaged extraction system. Just follow this rule: never use a damaged exhaust fan and nothing will happen to you. Damaged extractors are regenerated automatically over time. You don’t have to worry about that.

You should always build one or two replacement extractors in case one of your current extractors comes back damaged. Give damaged extractors a break from your inventory and use a replacement extractor instead.

Exhaust systems – best locations and means for operation

In my experience there are several places that deserve to be visited regularly by extractors.

To alloy the plate, go to Jupiter with a distillation device. For a package of polymers you can go to Uranus or Venus with a titanium extractor. If you are looking for plates, Uranus or Phobos with a distillation extractor is the best choice. We can find nanospores with the titanium extractor on Eris. And to save yourself, use the Titan Extractor on Queen’s Fortress of Mars.

If you are looking for other possible sources, use the full list of 1200 extraction units in operation at the end of this article as an aid.


Extractors are an excellent addition to your early and medium cultivation of common and scarce resources. This is when you need these resources the most. You want to use your extractors for many polymers, nanopores, plates and scrap material. Use titanium to cultivate common resources and distillation to cultivate unusual resources.

Both extractors give you random rare raw materials as a bonus, but extractors are not made to grow rare raw materials.

The most important thing about extractors is that you can use a mobile application to cultivate without having to use a computer or game console.

Agricultural statistics on passive extractors

There is no official information on the amount of resources that can be cultivated, and some unexpected resources are considered common on some planets. Therefore, between November 2019 and May 2020, I installed my exhaust systems 100 times on 12 planets.

I calculated the percentage of common resources, the calculation of the minimum (minimum) and maximum (maximum) resources and the calculation of the average resources.

Here are the results for those of you who like accurate figures:

100 Distillation apparatus operating on Jupiter

  • Date: 19. November – 20. January
  • Alloy sheet: 41%, min. 329, max. 894, August 636
  • Hexanone: 37%, minimum 30, maximum 60, August. 46
  • Disposal: 20%, minimum 650, maximum 1172, August. 883
  • Neural sensor: 2%, 4 minimum, 4 maximum. August. 4

100 Distillation apparatus operating on Saturn

  • Date: 19. November – 20. January
  • Ignition lamp: 54%, min 6, max 6, moy 6
  • Plastics: 24%, min. 121, max. 184, August 153
  • Nano-Sport: 18%, min. 1255, max. 1597, August 1442
  • Orokin’s cell: 4%, min.4, max.4, August.4

100 The titanium extractor works with uranium.

  • Date: 19. November – 20. January
  • Polymer bag: 48%, min 320, max 598, 473. August
  • Plastics: 42%, min 122, max 196, average 159
  • Vial of detonite: 8%, minimum 6, maximum 6, August. 6
  • Gallium: 2%, 7 minimum, 7 maximum, August. 7

100 The titanium piston operates on Eris.

  • Date: 19. November – 20. January
  • Nano Sport: 79%, min 1201, max 1580, avg 1381
  • Plates: 18%, min 96, max 175, 125 Aug.
  • Mutagenic sample: 2 %, minimum 4, maximum 4. 4 August
  • Neurology: 1%, 4 minimum, 4 maximum. August 4

100 Extraction by distillation on earth

  • Date: 20. January – 20. Mars
  • Ignition lamp: 63%, min 6, max 6, moy 6
  • Rubedo: 19%, min. 121, max. 200, August. 165
  • Ferrite: 13%, minimum 410, maximum 774, August. 620
  • Neurology: 5%, 4 minimum, 4 maximum. August 4

100 Distillation apparatus working on Phobos

  • Date: 20. January – 20. Mars
  • Alloy sheet: 47%, minimum 317, maximum 886, August. 610
  • Signs: 35%, minimum 90, maximum 171, August. 119
  • Rubedo: 16%, minimum 122, maximum 198, August 157
  • Morphine: 2%, 4 minimum, 4 maximum. August 4

100 titanium extractors based on mercury

  • Date: 20. January – 20. Mars
  • Ferrite: 61%, 405 minimum, maximum. 797, August 601
  • Vial of detonite: 19%, minimum 6, maximum 6 August.
  • Polymer bag: 18%, min. 256, max. 450, August 351
  • Morphine: 2%, 4 minimum, 4 maximum. August 4

100 titanium tractors working on Mars

  • Date: 20. January – 20. Mars
  • Elimination: 66%, minimum 618, maximum 1197, August. 902
  • Morphine: 16%, minimum 6, maximum 6, August. 6
  • Field UAV sample: 15%, minimum 6, maximum 6, 6 August
  • Gallium: 3%, 8 minimum, 12 maximum, August. 10

100 Titanium extraction work on Venus

  • Date: 20. April – 20. May
  • Polymer bag: 37%, min 321, max 599, 442 Aug.
  • Alloy plate: 26%, min. 425, max. 1195, August 797
  • Schedules: 25%, minimum 281, maximum 400, August. 343
  • Field UAV sample: 12%, minimum 6, maximum 6, August. 6

100 Titanium extractor acting on Ceres

  • Date: 20. April – 20. May
  • Alloy sheet: 44%, min. 434, max. 1195, August 770
  • Diagrams: 37%, min. 281, max. 400, August. 341
  • Ignition lamp: 17%, min 6, max 6, moy 6
  • Orokin cell: 2%, min.4, max.4, August.4

100 Titanium extractor acting on Lua

  • Date: 20. April – 20. May
  • Ferrite: 43%, min. 168, max. 800, August. 590
  • Rubedo: 41%, min. 121, max. 200, August. 164
  • Ignition lamp: 14%, min 6, max 6, moy 6
  • Neurology: 3%, 4 minimum, 4 maximum. August 4

100 titanium mining operations at the fortress Kuva

  • Date: 20. April – 20. May
  • Elimination: 53%, minimum 616, maximum 1195, August. 917
  • Vial of detonite: 23%, minimum 6, maximum 6, August. 6
  • Diagrams: 20% min. 210, max. 298, August. 264
  • Neural sensors: 3%, 4 minimum, 7 maximum, August. 6

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