Endless Abyss- Guide, Tips And Complete Walkthrough

The endless abyss

Endless Abyss is a single-player role-playing game in an endless battle, in which you first organise a card game and create your own combination to cause chaos on the battlefield. When you start a new game, you can choose between two characters whose relics are quite unique and who act as tokens. There are tons of relics and card combinations for each class and each level, because they do not disturb each other, although each character – Knight and Assassin – has a common set of talent trees that can be improved by Obsidian, i.e. won by finishing the race.

The endless abyss of talent and events

In the infinite abyss called Talent, you will find three main categories: Kick, balance and agility. Each entry is a whim and an advantage in your race. Difficulty mode is assigned separately for each character, and after you’ve traveled each mile, i.e. Chapter III non-stop, you’ll receive a large number of obsidian and maps/fragments.

As soon as you start the game, you will find several routes that will lead you to the Chapter Leader. Maybe you want to choose the easier way or you want to fight your way through battle. There are certain stages you can enjoy without fighting, because you may want to continue without lowering your HP.

The endless abyss

For example, in each chapter you can see different events:

  • The battle: The enemy or a group of enemies must be killed. After defeating your enemies you will receive a few gold coins and you can choose one of three cards to temporarily add to the game in your unique race.
  • The goblin: This is a dealer or goblin shop where you can use your gold coins to buy useful maps, iron routes or elixirs.
  • The event: These events represent a mysterious doorway that can either get you into trouble by engaging in battle with elite or common enemies, or give you the best relics and opportunities to improve your game.
  • Storage : You can use it to charge your HP, sleep, or update a card in your game by tampering with it.
  • The elite: These are elite leaders who are much stronger than normal enemies. In addition, after defeating the elite, you will receive the relic next to the selection of cards and gold.
  • The treasure: In this treasure room you can collect gold coins and relics at random during the game.

Difficult unlocking, tips and tricks

Each difficulty mode can be unlocked when the previous one is removed by a specific hero. Although, as mentioned above, you will need to complete a number of Chapters III to reach the difficulty level, this can only be done by playing defensively and saving as much of your HP as possible.

Campsites are for leisure to charge your HP, but the most important thing is that you can update your card, and the maximum limit for updating a card is 2 times. So you can’t be reckless and lose your HP if you don’t use your Defense Cards to cancel an enemy attack. Once you have enough armor/blockage, you can focus on the damage unless you kill him immediately. There is a certain buffer that reduces or increases the damage to enemies, which we will discuss later in the Buff section.

Concentrate on a smart course where you can face a limited number of opponents, you have camps and above all elites that guarantee random relays. Before entering the Final Boss, make sure you have more than 50% HP. If you are much safer with your card game, improve your deadly card combination and defeat your boss.

Buffs and botany

Your hero has a set of buff cards that can be used at the beginning or the end, depending on the situation. It’s a series of amateurs I’ve met, and you might find them useful throughout the course.

Poison: The damage caused by the poison decreases over time with the number of batteries and denies the armor.

Vulnerable: This can cause 25% more damage to your opponent.

Weak: It reduces enemy damage by 25%.

Delicacy: The Dextrit buffer includes your block, the dextrit increases the number of blocks.

Power: Durability includes damage caused by AHUs, the quantity/strength of stacking increases the damage caused by AHUs.

Dorn: With Thorn, you can reflect damage based on the frequency of your enemies’ contacts and use your ATK. The spells are perfect and do not reflect the damage.

There are even more specific effects, such as cards that can cause damage to all enemies or randomly selected enemies after playing ATK cards or spelling cards. These buffs can also be used by enemies to cut or damage your block. If the enemy’s head shows that the next skill they use is the Curse, you can expect your block damage to be weakened or reduced.

Although the game is still in beta, we can still learn new characters, new cards and new relics. You can even unlock and assign multiple relays after collecting the required fragments. Spinning your character and pointing it out gives you some stats that can help you fight difficult enemies. We will download more information about Endless Abyss when the game comes out of the first beta phase. If you want to download it to your Android.

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