PC version Destiny 2 pre-loading available tommorow

On October 24 Destiny 2 finally appears for the PC and since PC gamers have missed the first game, chances are that they are very much looking forward to the acclaimed sequel. Fortunately, you do not have to wait for hours next Tuesday until you can get started with the game, because Destiny 2 can be pre-loaded from tomorrow.

This news takes care of the worries of PC gamers: since a lot of information has already been published, except when the pre-load period was to start, many people thought that this would be just before the release, which would put them on 24 October could not play immediately. Some were even worried that there would be no option to download Destiny 2 before the release.

If you are interested in Destiny 2 on PC, check the system requirements, but do not forget to create or link a Blizzard account, as this platform is the only way to distribute the PC version of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 was released on September 6 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC version appears on October 24th.


  • October 17, 2017
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