Destiny 2’s first big update in 2018 looks to please players

New Iron Banner event
The update will introduce a new Iron Banner event. This is the first time Lord Saladin returns to the Tower in Season 2. Some changes have been made to the weapons and armor that Guardians can earn for the update. The event will run from Jan. 30 to Feb. 6. Bungie said that “there will definitely be Season 2 weapons in the Iron Banner engram,” along with weapons from the first season that players may have missed. There is no limit this time to the number of engrams you can earn during the week of the event.

The community has been asking if it can be made possible to spend tokens on gear from Iron Banner directly. Bungie has answered by telling us that players will be able to buy armor, armor ornaments and three weapons from Lord Saladin. Ofcourse you’re also able to earn them through the challenges as well.



Revamp of the Raid reward system
Next to the Iron Banner event, we’re going to see some changes made to the Raids’ reward system with the introduction of unique perks to raid armor. These perks will only function when you’re on the Leviathan. These are buffs that are alot broader than the situational perks that the game has to offer right now. They’ll show up on new legendary mods.

The new mods will be applicable to existing raid armor as well. The best part though? They’re reusable. First you remove it from the piece of armor it’s set to. Afterwards, you can reapply it to the new one. It will cost you one Calus token however.



From now on, if you complete the Prestige version of the raid, you’ll get normal-mode drops as well. Next to that, raid loot is not related to specific sections of the raid anymore. It doesn’t matter what encounter you clear, you’re always able to receive Raid loot. There’s a chance for an exotic weapon or armor piece to drop from each encounter. Note: an item, not engram.

The January patch will make it so that players who complete the Prestige version of the raid get the normal-mode drops as well. Speaking of raid loot, it’s no longer tied to specific sections of the raid, so “no matter what encounter you clear, you can get raid loot.” In addition, there will now be a chance for an exotic weapon or armor piece to drop from every raid encounter — an exotic item, not an exotic engram.

Missed out on previous loot? Don’t worry! You’ll be able to buy it directly in the future. A rotating selection of the Raids gear will be offered by Benedict-99 in exchange for legendary shards and Calus tokens.

In addition to the topics above, patch 1.1.2 will include a true fix for the exotic trace rifle Prometheus Lens, which we all remember for turning the Crucible into ‘lasertag’. It’s been broken since it was first released to the public back in December. The patch will also introduce Masterwork versions of armor pieces, a counterpart to the Masterwork weapons that debuted in December. The update won’t affect the way shaders will work, but senior design lead Tyson Green promised that Bungie is trying to solve issues such as the lack of an option to delete or exchange them en masse; the fact that they’re consumable items; and the desire to use them to apply a single color, the same way they worked in the original Destiny.

“This work is ongoing, and we’ll go on record as to when the solution will land as we get closer to a fix that we test and certify,” said Green. “For now, it was important to us that you know it’s on our workbench!”

  • January 25, 2018
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