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Dead End Job Review –
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No one wants to end up in a dead-end job with a boss who follows them around all the time. So, if you’re sent on a monster-killing mission, there’s only one way to climb the ladder. Nintendo Switch’s dead end job allows you to clean, remove the clutter and make money for the food disposal industry.

Dead End Job Review –

You play the role of a skinny, slightly skinny, obese phantom employee of the local paranormal pest control service. Your job is to deal with the ghosts that haunt the various establishments in the city and rid these establishments of unwanted guests. What has excited me from the start of this game is the presentation and style. In fact, it features animated characters and scenes, including a whole series of cartoon-style introductory film that seems to fit perfectly into a Saturday morning show on Cartoon Network. Live characters introduce you to the world of the game and you learn that Hector is haunted by his former mentor and must save his soul. To do this, you need to earn enough money and reputation at work for a month, hoping to reach this goal. That’s a good reason if you ask me!

Dead End Job Review –

The game uses double stick shooting mechanics and mixes them with elements of villains to create an atmosphere similar to The Binding of Isaac, but with a much more user-friendly aspect. You will be asked to enter the room and use your combination cannon when it is empty. The spirits that plague the room must first be found and weakened, and then, when they are disoriented, they must be sucked out. Rooms are the size of a screen, so there’s not much room to navigate, especially when they’re often filled with office furniture, piles of paper and other items. Each room can be adequately populated with these material creatures with increasing difficulty during the calendar month in which you are working on this work.

Within 30 days, you must raise enough money at each appearance to unlock the next region on the map. Do it for everyone and you’ll win in the end. Keep it short, as always, and you’re back at the beginning of your career. While the basics of Ghost Blast are simple enough, there are a few extra layers that make the game more complicated. For each command you accept, you enter a randomly selected area that consists of multiple pieces. You move from room to room with your main task, which in most cases initially consists of rescuing captured civilians. Like I said, the goal of promotion is to get new and solid money, and to get it you have to spend more time on it. Although you can just walk through the building to your citizens and then return to the headquarters, you won’t make enough money to improve your situation. Instead, I found it necessary to empty as many rooms as possible, destroying furniture and objects each time as some of them spilled piles of money. Anyone who has played Luigi’s Mansion 3 knows that money is hidden everywhere! However, it slowed the game down a lot for me, and having to shoot at random objects in hopes of dropping money became quite redundant after a while.

Dead End Job Review –

Along the way, you’ll also find microphones that can affect things when activated. Most of them had vague descriptions, so often I would activate something and not quite realize what was going on. As an added promotion, your employee can also move up the corporate ladder if he or she is killed! Filling the void also increases the little meter next to it, and if you aim that meter, you can balance yourself on the spot. You get a new job title and you can choose one of three bonuses that are fixed if the dead end job allows it. These updates also suffered from some vague descriptions, so I opted for predictable and well-described updates, such as higher burn rate or better health, for example. As I said, these benefits may be permanent for you, but in a sort of draw, if you die on the job, you are demoted and lose what you received. It’s not a full character reset (unless you lose all the time), but it really stunk when I lost another favorite bonus because I got greedy and rushed to clear the room.

While multi-level mechanics are certainly appreciated and very necessary for a game like this, after a few hours of playing I still felt a little out of place and wanted something more in line with the very physical spaces I found. I would hit normal enemy pieces, and then the random pieces also included a mini-boss of sorts, but I wanted a little extra. That said, the complete aesthetic and cartoonish comedy really captivates the game in a fun and goofy way. I can totally imagine that this game will be a true episodic cartoon, which I personally enjoy watching. Dead End Job did it here with theme and style.

There’s a clever ghost game here that ticks many of the right boxes for a pretty enjoyable experience, even if it is a bit repetitive. The presentation of the live game is a strong introduction to the Cartoon Network show. If you’re ready for an awkward double shot, Dead End Job is not a bad time to laugh along the way.

Revision of dead-end jobs
  • Charts – 8/10
  • Sound – 7/10
  • Gameplay – 6.5/10
  • Late Call – 6/10


Final thoughts : WARNINGS

It’s a dead-end job: creating minds and making money for corporate greed…. Well, and maybe save a beloved mentor from the destruction of his eternal soul. The ability to shoot with two sticks, and a few random elements with unique progression combines with a surprisingly brilliant TV cartoon aesthetic to build a pretty fun game. Some design areas could use a little more UV, and there are some repeats that occur fairly early.

Dead End Job Review –

Alex has been in the game industry since the release of Nintendo. He’s turned his hobby into a career, spending just over a decade developing games and now serving as creative director of the studio.


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