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It’s hard to imagine what the film world would be like if the Blair Witch Project had never existed. Twenty years later, I have no doubt that the marketing of this film is the best I have ever seen! The concept of found images has led to the creation of many other horror films to frighten people, such as Paranormal Activity. I was a teenager at the time and we were all very fascinated by Blair the Witch, fascinated and petrified after seeing the movie. It’s the same movie where people leave the theatre because they’re too scared to finish it! To say that the Blair the Witch project is an important part of film history would be an understatement. Hurry on to E3 2019, where the world will see Blair the Witch for the first time and the internet will hum to return to Black Hills Forrest for another paranormal brawl. Now the adventure deep in the forest is enhanced by the fact that you can play VR!

Blair the Witch takes place in 1996, two years after the events of the first film, and presents his own story, which has nothing to do with the sequels. You play for Ellis, a former police officer and veteran who travels to the Black Hills Forest to help find a missing boy, nine year old Peter Shannon. In the course of the game you will learn that Ellis feels compelled to help find the boy for various reasons. He is not only looking for Peter, because his dog Bullet has joined him. The balloon is a BEST BUY and helps Peter a lot with his adventures. When Ellis reaches Black Hills Forrest, where the rest of the search teams have started, he discovers that they have already started their search. Ellis and Bullet grab a flashlight and a radio, go in search and soon realize that although they are in the middle of nowhere, they are not alone and are followed at all times.

Black Hills Forrest quickly comes to life around Ellis and Bullet, and before you know it you start to notice, just like in the movie, that you go around in circles and everything starts to lose its meaning. Until then I had seen a lot of complaints about Blair the witch because they felt they were wandering around aimlessly and without doing anything. Have these people forgotten what the film is? Like the Blair Witch project, the game starts a bit slow, but as it progresses, it becomes uncontrollable until you reach the end of the game, when the famous valves explode. Just like in the movie, Blair the witch really closes the final chapter of absolute madness.

Atmosphere is very important in a game like this, and I think Blueber did a great job creating the forest to create the perfect image. Playing Blair Witch in VR is interesting because, unlike the Xbox version of the game, you can interact with the environment. This includes the ability to reach and grab objects around you, and to build a bridge. IMPORTANT, you can pet Bullet because you’re a good boy!  You don’t often see human figures, but it’s a graphic failure I found. With such a detailed bunch, you would think that Bullet and the other characters would look like they come from the latest generation of consoles. Another big problem I encountered while playing VR was shortening the scenes. I had hoped they would also be in RV, but instead they kept the original scenes from the XBox version. I thought I was watching a movie instead of living in this world.

Of course, sound can support or hinder the show factor, and I can’t stress enough that Blair the Witch is allowed to play on your speakers, but it makes sense if you play with surround sound headphones! …A SLIGHT PAMPERING WARNING… Later in the game you hear a voice whispering against Ellis, without subtitles, you might not hear it. If it happens to the headphones, I get chills every time.

As I said before, Ellis is accompanied by Bullet (BEST BOARD), his German Shepherd Dog who is trained to detect odors and help Ellis in any way he can. The forest is large and full of clues about what happens to the people who walk through it. You have to keep the Bullet close together because he behaves like a working dog for Ellis, so if he goes too far, Ellis’ psyche will suffer. When you feel lost in the game, just look at the ball and it will guide you in the right direction

Not far from the game, you will find a portable video camera, which brings another interesting mechanic. From time to time you’ll find tapes for him that show you what’s going on with Peter and help the Ellis move forward more than ever. But the most important thing is that there are puzzles that you encounter, and there are tapes that will help you solve them and make progress in the game. In general, the puzzles are quite simple and you won’t be surprised.

Blair Witch is an interesting game because it has a lot of cool things to offer, and yet some of its flaws are quite amazing.  The adventure itself certainly gave the impression of following Blair the Witch’s first project to its chaotic end. There are a few endings that depend on how you played the game, but I’d say it’s hardly worth repeating because there aren’t many differences in the final video. I love the mechanics of the balls as much as I love the video camera, but in the end, I’d say Blair the Witch is the only complete game. Still, it’s one of the best horror games I’ve played in RV so far, and I recommend it to anyone who thinks you shouldn’t be afraid to go into the woods. Good luck, sir.

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The promoter: Team Blueber / Editor : Release date of the Bloober team
: 29. October 2020. Platforms : Oculus Quest 1&2, Oculus Rift, Xbox One, PC
platform Considered on : Oculus Quest.

Blair the Witch



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