Best Hidden Object Games for Christmas 2020 •

Winter holidays are fast approaching and I’m sure many of you will want to celebrate them by playing great hidden object games with a Christmas theme. Then you’re in luck, because this is what I want to share with you: the best Hidden Object games for Christmas 2020!

Above all, we’ll have to choose from the HOGs that have been released in recent years, because unfortunately the developers haven’t been very nice with their Christmas releases lately. But that is not so important, because we still have a large selection of games below that we can share with you, and the new versions are always up to date.

So, with no extra ceremony and no special orders, here are the best Hidden Object games you can play this Christmas!

Notification of updates : To make it even better, we have updated this list for 2020 with new games and revised existing games. We will continue to update this list of new great games, so make sure you check back often!

The Christmas spirit: The unpublished stories of the mother Gusynia

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The old King Cole was once a happy old soul, but now he rules over a fairytale kingdom with a greedy iron fist. And now that Mother Goose is gone, he’s decided to cancel Christmas!

This is the last straw for the king’s poor subjects. They ask you to help them find Mother Goose and bring peace and happiness to the kingdom.

Christmas stories: Pussy in boots

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You adopt a poor kitten on Christmas Eve, but you didn’t know what that innocent cat made you do? It looks like a thief robbed a small toy town in Santa Claus by stealing a poinsettia! Why would anyone want to stop Christmas? Figure it out by trying this game!

Love chronicles: Winter period

old=Love Chronicles : Winter Width=615 Height=346 data-ezsrc=–.jpg-.jpg data-ez= />

Around 8:00. To celebrate your daughter’s birthday, the entire kingdom has celebrated with the participation of the world-famous wizard Mr. X. But their holiday takes a dangerous turn when Lord X turns out to be a dark wizard: he kidnaps your daughter and turns the entire kingdom into ice!

Although it is not directly related to Christmas, it is a great game with a winter theme that you will surely enjoy during the cold season.

Christmas stories: Nutcracker

old=Christmas stories : Nutcracker width=615 height=461 data-ezsrc=•.jpg data-ez= />

You may be late for Christmas, but you’re just in time for an adventure! The Nutcracker needs your help, and an army of rats rages through the kingdom. Luckily there were some nice friends behind you.

Decipher the sinister plot of the King of the Rats and discover how the shredded creature came to be. A classic Christmas story, told from a new angle, and an adventure in which you like to participate.

Mystery Case Files: Grove

Data alt=Mystery Case Files : Direction Coarse width=615 height=461 data-ezsrc=–.jpg-.jpg data-ez= />

The Celtic legend of Hole Grove has been passed on from generation to generation for centuries. His story was considered a fairy tale and was meant to scare little children so they could stay in bed all night.

But a recently discovered artifact in the UK proves that the dark legend is true! Use your Hidden Object skills and talents to track down a group of missing graduates in this game.

Although it’s not really a Christmas theme, the cold, the ice and the environment make it a great game to play during the winter holidays, especially if you’re looking for a more intense adventure.

Christmas Eve: Midnight call

old=Holy Eve : Midnight’s Call width=615 height=461 data-ezsrc=–.jpg-.jpg data-ez= />

Snow Hill is a magical city that preserves the Christmas spirit for the whole world. But now the evil witch Snow Hill threatens to plunge into eternal darkness!

Do you have what it takes to save Christmas? I’m sure you will, and although it’s not a game worth writing about at home, you’ll enjoy playing it over the Christmas holidays.

Christmas stories: Christmas carol

old=Christmas stories : Ein Weihnachtskarussell width=615 height=461 data-ezsrc=–.jpg-.jpg data-ez= />

Your Uncle Scrooge asks you for help, but some nice Christmas spirits have other plans for him… …and you. Eliminate the bad tricks in his life as your uncle’s alter ego, work with – or against – you, and change a man’s destiny once and for all.

Darkblowing: Legend of the Snow Kingdom

Data alt=Dark lines : Legend of the Snow Kingdom width=615 height=461 data-ezsrc=–.jpg-.jpg data-ez= />

From the spectacular discovery scene in which a hunter saves a princess from a dark fate at the hands of the Snow Knight, to the breathtaking conclusion: The Legend of the Snow Kingdom will fascinate you with a world of beauty and detail, puzzles and minigames like you’ve never explored before, and a story of unprecedented depth.

Once again, this is not a Christmas game, but a mysterious adventure that you’ll have a lot of fun playing for a hot chocolate during the holidays!

Christmas stories: Senior soldier of Hans Christian Andersen

old=Christmas stories : Width of toy soldier Hans Christian Andersen=615 Height=461 data-ezsrc=–.jpg-.jpg data-ez= />

Unite and get ready for an exciting adventure in this festive season! If you receive a desperate letter from your crazy old friend Albert, hurry to his rescue. When you arrive at the site, you will learn that the wand of the evil king of rats has fallen into the hands of the avenging baron, and that three innocent people, including Albert, have been turned into toys!

Unite with Nutcracker and your new friend, the Tin Soldier, to fight the trolls and break the Baron’s curse in this exciting game.

Living Legends: Frozen Beauty

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The queen has chosen your sister as her successor, but aren’t her promises too good to be true? You were only six years old when your mother disappeared and you had to take care of your sister Elizabeth. After being invited to appoint her successor as queen, she asks you to accompany her in her new royal life.

All it needs is a simple test to prove its worth. Is it too good to be true, or is your luck finally running out? Discover it by playing this game!

Christmas Wonderland 10

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Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a new Wonderland! Christmas Wonderland 10 is filled with beautiful Hidden Object scenes and delicious mini-puzzles that guarantee hours of fun for players of all ages!

It’s one of the most famous Christmas themes in the series Hidden Object, and you should play it too! (And don’t forget there have been 9 others in recent years – if you want to get them all!).

Dark Proverbs: Ascension of the Snow Queen

alt= Dark parabolas: Schneekönigin Breite=615 Höhe=461 data-ezsrc=–.jpg-.jpg data-ez= />

Journey to the mythical kingdom of snowfall and investigate the disappearance of children in the dark likenesses: The Snow Queen gets up! The legendary Snow Queen rises from the ashes of the snow and terrorizes the surrounding villages with her supernatural powers.

Save the missing children and stop the legendary Snow Queen before her grief destroys the world in this game.

This will be our best selection of Christmas-themed games with hidden objects that can be played during the 2020 winter holidays. Enjoy it and… Happy holidays!

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