Anthem release shifted to early 2019

It’s been announced that the Anthem release has been moved to 2019. The new BioWare game was originally due to appear in the fall of 2018, but this release date is no longer achievable.

Anthem was announced during the E3 2017 and with its first images it already made a strong impression. Now it’ss become known that the original release in the third quarter of 2018 is no longer happening. Anthem has been moved to the beginning of 2019.

Anthem release moved because of great pressure

The studio behind Anthem, BioWare (known for Dragon Age among other things), seems to feel enormous pressure to create a fantastic game. Now all heads within BioWare are focused on finishing Anthem and all other games are put on hold. According to Kotaku, where the news comes from, the release date in 2018 was never realistically achievable.


Now it’s officially confirmed by EA that Anthem will not appear until 2019. Andrew Wilson, the Electronic Arts Chief Executive, says that the decision to move Anthem had to do with the planning of upcoming games.

According to Wilson, it is illogical to have Anthem appear at the end of 2018, as EA Dice will launch a new Battlefield during this period. Now Anthem gets the chance to independently hold a launch somewhere in the first quarter of 2019.

  • February 7, 2018
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