5 Christmas Games For Gift Exchange That Are EASY And FUN!

Last Christmas I made Christmas games left and right, and it was a success!  One of last season’s most popular Christmas games.

It was not only a success in our blog, but also on Christmas Day.  I called myself the Minister of the Games for the holidays.  I packed all the stuff I needed for that stupid minute to win his games and I put them all in one big box.  To divide the game pieces, we played a gift exchange game from left to right.  My nephew had big eyes, his mouth was beating, everyone was having fun.

So I thought this year I would share not only this game, but also some popular Christmas games to exchange gifts.

Top 5 Christmas gift exchange games:

Read this classic Christmas fairy tale with a touch of fantasy while your guests walk around the gifts in a circle each time the word is read left or right.  The gift you get at the end of a fairy tale is the one you have to keep.

The game of exchanging gifts from left to right is a fast but fun game for exchanging Christmas gifts.  I also designed a typewriter with Christmas motifs.

The gift table on the left and right makes it possible to exchange and print.

2. Christmas craps game with gift exchange

This game is best played at a table or in a circle on the floor.  I like this game because it brings a little luck with the dice. They don’t know which way he’s going.

You can choose as many rounds as you want, so it can be a quick or long gift exchange.  With 12 or more players I prefer 3 rounds.  Make sure you decide how many rounds you want to play before you start exchanging Christmas presents.

Read the complete rules : Ideas for board games.

3. White Elephant Fair

In my opinion, the white elephant is a classic Christmas gift exchange game.  You might as well know this game as the Yankee Exchange. I play it at least twice a season.  But I’m never bored.  So it’s fun to bring the funniest gift or a gift that everyone wants to take home and sell all night long.

Start with all the presents on the table. Each person takes a card to determine who goes first.  Choose a gift and unpack it, the next person may decide to open a new one or steal your gift.

4. Head or tail replacement

Add a touch of fantasy to a classic White Elephant Party so players can take turns deciding what action to take.  You might want to fly, but do you have a chance?

Playing in exchange for a gift from a white elephant can sometimes take a long time.  Adding a head or tail rule can prevent endless flights.

5. Christmas gift cards

This beautifully printed table has with each card an action to exchange gifts with the players based on the actions of the cards.  You can play with open or wrapped gifts.

For example, a card tells you to exchange gifts with the player who has the next birthday.  For friends at a party it can be a great game to get to know each other!

You can find the printed version at loveyourcrazylife.com.

One of my favorite parts? You’re looking for a nice gift that’s gonna be a hit tonight.  It fills me with so much joy when my gift is always stolen.

In fact, it was a great pleasure for me to put another gift in the box so that people don’t even know what they’re dealing with.

Some of my favorites were the adult games at parties or those Christmas games for children. (Deer hat game – my favorite) Here are some other great ideas for exchanging Christmas presents:

More Christmas ideas to play with:

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