31 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Kids

The best Nintendo Switch games for kids - The Basics

by: Insolence / Kelly Sikkema

If you’re looking for the best Nintendo Switch games for children, you may have noticed that there are plenty of possibilities today and that new games are added to the Nintendo Online Shop every day.

You can certainly sort through dozens and dozens of online games to find the one that best suits you and your children, but there is a better option: Save time and effort as you browse through this list of Nintendo Switch games for kids!

Each game in this list is available in print, so you can share it with your friends – something digital editions don’t allow.


18 best games for children with Nintendo Switch

The best Nintendo games for kids.

by: Inconspicuousness / Alvaro Reyes

Each game in this section focuses on a single-player experience that can be turned into a multi-player experience through an online connection, and is one of the best of the best games for children. Best of all, each of these games cost a considerable amount of money or take up tons of playing time, making them ideal for children’s entertainment in the summer.

Here are the 18 best Nintendo Switch games for kids:

U Luxury

by: Amazon / Nintendo

1. New Super Mario Brothers U Deluxe

Mario is an absolute classic and one of the pillars of Nintendo’s gaming empire. In their latest adventure you will find options to reduce the difficulty of the game for very young players.

Best games for kids Nintendo Switch - LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2

by: Amazone/WB Games

2. Beautiful superheroes Lego 2

All the fun and action of Marvel superheroes, but with the LEGO presentation for children, this game has the potential to play for hundreds of hours.

The best Nintendo games for kids - unbelievable

by: Amazone/WB Games

3. Incredible

Play for the LEGO versions of Violet, Dash, Mr. Violet. Incredible and Elasti-Girl in this action-packed adventure, inspired by popular Pixar movies.

Nintendo's best children's games - Carnival games

by: Amazon / 2K Games

4. Carnival games

Carnival games, including 20 games in an inexpensive package, are perfect for on-the-go entertainment that doesn’t require much concentration.

Nintendo's best games for kids - Giantosaurus

by: Amazon / Nutrient games

5. Gigantosaurus

Join three friends on a local multiplayer adventure and lead the Dinosaurs to survive the extinction of the event. As a bonus, there is a racing mode for more variety.

The best Nintendo games for children come from Donkey Kong.

by: Amazon / Nintendo

6. Country of Donkey Kong

A classic Donkey Kong adventure based on the nostalgic scrolling action of the original Super Nintendo Tropical Freeze game. This is your first time playing for Funky Kong.

The best Nintendo Switch games for kids - Minecraft

by: Amazone/Microsoft

7. Demining vessel

Minecraft is probably the most popular children’s game of the last 10 years and has an incredibly deep gameplay, but it is quite easy to learn. Your children are guaranteed to have fun in a few hours.

The best Nintendo Switch games for kids - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

by: Amazon / Nintendo

8. Mario 8 Deluxe Card

The latest interpretation of Mario Kart brings a whole new range of drivers to this classic kart game. It is very colorful and just as much fun to watch by hand as on the big screen.

Nintendo's best children's games are ugly dolls and imperfect adventures.

by: Amazon / Nutrient games

9. Ugly dolls: Imperfect adventure

Cult’s favorite brand, Ugly Doll, is synonymous with accepting the differences of other people, making this game a great way to encourage children to behave well. This is a fun and surprisingly challenging puzzle adventure.


by: Amazon / Sold

10. Overcooked! 2

It’s a fast and furious cooking game that will keep every child on their toes because they need to learn how to multitask effectively to beat the levels.

Best Nintendo Switch Games for kids - World Crafted World by Yoshie

by: Amazon / Nintendo

11. World directed by Yoshie

Mario’s loyal steed, Yoshi, is at the centre of this side-scrolling adventure game with a clue to solve the puzzles, thanks to the world behind the scenes you have to enter.

The best Nintendo Switch games for kids - Train 2

by: Amazon / Nintendo

12. Plato 2

Perfect for playing alone or with friends on the spot or in online multiplayer, Splatoon 2 is a softer alternative to the more brutal first-person shots that are so popular today.

The best Nintendo games for kids - Puyo Puyo Tetris

by: Amazon / SEGA

13. Puio Puio Tetris

Real-time puzzle solving meets intense strategic puzzles in this colorful game with a great soundtrack.

The best Nintendo games for kids - Super Monkey Ball Banana Flash HD

by: Amazon / SEGA

14. Super Monkey Ball: Banana flash HD

Roll over 100 super-coloured scenes like the monkey in the ball in this bizarre combined adventure/race game.

The best Nintendo switch for kids - Sushi Striker The Way of Sushido

by: Amazon / Nintendo

15. Sushi-Stryker: Sushido track

Illustrated in a colorful anime style, Sushi Striker puts you in the role of a powerful child who must use a sushi belt to stop the forces of evil. This is a remarkable and beautiful addition to the range of rotating children’s games.

The best Nintendo Switch games for kids - Monster Jam Steel Titans

by: Amazon / Nordic THQ

16. Sample Jam Steel Titans

Filled with classic monster trucks like the Grave Digger and Max-D, the Monster Jam Steel Titans let children enjoy the big air tricks of old monster truck rallies.

The best Nintendo games for kids - Waku Sweets

by: Amazon / Ashes

17. Waku candies

Learn new recipes and cooking skills to navigate through over 100 levels of colorful and entertaining Japanese animation.

The best Nintendo speed games for kids - Gear Club Unlimited 2 Porsche Edition

by: Amazon / Maximum number of games

18. Gear Club Unlimited 2: PorscheEdition

Gear Club is one of the most realistic and addictive racing games for any system, but certainly the most important.

13 Nintendo multiplayer games switch for children

Best Kids Games Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch multiplayer games for kids.

by: Insolence / Kelly Sikkema

Children’s games are always more fun with friends. That’s why you should try one of those great Nintendo Switch multiplayer games!

Here are the 13 best Nintendo Switch multiplayer games for kids:

Nintendo's best multiplayer switch for kids - ARMS

by: Amazon / Nintendo

19. SIS

Take control of robots with extensive weapons in your hands in this animated combination of combat and shooting games. With its online and offline multiplayer options, it’s a great choice for playing with friends.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer games for kids - Animal transitions

by: Amazon / Nintendo

20. Animal passage

Crucifixes : For the foreseeable future, the New Horizon could be Nintendo’s best-selling switch. His game is deceptively simple, quiet and enjoyable, and even better when he plays with friends.


by: Amazon / Nintendo

21. Super Smash Bros. limit

The latest in the successful series by Smash Bros. who debuted on the N64, Ultimate adds more fighters than ever before – and has no blood or pain to make it unsuitable for children.

Nintendo's best multiplayer games for kids - Luigi's Mansion 3

by: Amazon / Nintendo

22, Luigi Villa 3

Explore another haunted house with Big Brother Mario and his assistant Luigi as you take responsibility for destroying ghosts on an amazing level.

The best multiplayer game for children is Rayman Legends Definitive Edition from Nintendo.

by: Amazone/Ubisoft

23. Last edition of the Rayman Legends

Time and rhythm are the key to victory on this side-scrolling platform where you will control a passionate character with floating arms and legs. Playing with friends has become even better because the game has added a difficulty level with a large number of players.

Nintendo Switch - Kid's multiplayer games - SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants fights over bikini underwear

by: Amazon / Nordic THQ

24. Loose sponge beans: Stroke for the lower bikini

All the nonsense of the SpongeBob cartoon series can be found in this adventure game in which different people can take control of the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom to play.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer games for kids - Tennis Aces Mario

by: Amazon / Nintendo

25. Mario Tennis Aces

With a set of controllers, two players can play this fast-paced sports game with Nintendo legend Mario and all his friends from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Ninyendo Switch multiplayer games for kids - Kirby Star's allies

by: Amazon / Nintendo

26. Kirby Star Allies

The most expensive pink bump of us all is back in this adventure with a power replacement that has been infinitely improved by playing with multiple people in cooperative adventure mode.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer games for kids - BurgerTime Party!

by: Amazon X-Ray Seed

27. Burger Time Party!

Prepare for a carefully devised strategy – the difficult stages of this food-focused multiplayer show.

The best multiplayer games for kids with the Nintendo Shuffle Switch - Super Bomberman R

by: Amazon / Konami

28. Super Bomber R

It is the first Bomberman game with detailed and exciting 3D cards and offers more than 50 challenging card layers for a single player or a co-operative.

Multiplayer games for kids Nintendo Switch - Bubble Bubble 4 Friends

by: Taito from Amazon / ININ games

29. Blow 4 friends

Based on the Nintendo Bubble Bobble 4 Friends classics, you play as a dinosaur that has to work together to take increasingly difficult steps on the way to the final boss.

Turn on Nintendo's multiplayer games for children - all you have to do is dance.

by: Amazone/Ubisoft

30. The Virtuous Dance 2020

In the genre that has become popular in Tokyo’s video game dance clubs, Just Dance 2020 features an incredibly child-friendly attitude – and a great way to get groups of kids moving.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer games for kids - Nickelodeon Card Driver

by: Amazon / Maximum number of games

31. Nickelodeon card racer

With Sponge Bob characters, mutant ninja turtles, Hey Arnold! and the Rugrats, this simplified racing game is ideal for kids who are fans of Saturday morning cartoons.

Another amazing list of Nintendogames

If you liked this list of children’s games, there are many more where they come from! View this list of Nintendo games:

  1. Enjoy the first motion-controlled console that comes in handy with these games for Nintendo Wii.
  2. Give up the old school with a list of the best super games ever made!
  3. This list of the best titles for the Nintendo DS includes the coolest games from the Game Boy sequel.

How to choose the best play switch for children

How to choose the best game switch for kids.jpg

by: Unsplash / Enrique Vidal Flores

With all the cool options listed above, are you still trying to decide which one is best for the kids? If so, just follow these three simple steps.

Find out how to select the best Nintendo games for children:

1. Restriction to one or two genders

How to choose the best Nintendo Switch games for kids - narrow it down to one or two genres.

by: Escape / Felipe Vieira

Which games does your child prefer to play? Action, adventure, fighting, racing and puzzle games all offer different experiences and an easy way to narrow your quest.

2. Single or multiplayer ?

Single player or multiplayer?

by: Unsplash / Enrique Vidal Flores

Does your child have boyfriends at the switchboard? If this is the case, you can choose multiplayer games that allow you to play with friends. Otherwise, single player games will be more fun for your dollar.

3. How many games?

How many games?

by: Inconspicuousness / Adrian Robert

Each game is designed to last a certain number of hours, with multiplayer and competitive games most interesting to read. Consider how much time you want your child to spend in the game before you decide to buy it.


While many games in the Nintendo Switch series are suitable for children and adults, the above list of the best Nintendo Switch series games for children is designed specifically for young players. You can’t make the mistake of choosing something from the list – just make sure you choose something that belongs to the kind your baby likes!

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