I titled this blog post before I had the slightest of inklings as to its contents. Sometimes, however it is therapeutic to write one’s self into the ground, circling the pen around one’s feet, digging deeper until you emerge out the bottom.. or run out of ink.

I sometimes wonder if I can truly reach out to people with my chosen medium. Is it conceivable that people put such stock in mere video games? It’s not that I feel it is an impediment to the actually tugging of the heartstrings but I feel it may be an obstacle, obscuring the very strings that need to be pulled. Are people conditioned to begin a video game with such low expectations that their mindset is that of someone who does not expect to be moved.
How am I supposed to tear some one’s heart from their chest if it is guarded so forcefully? How am I to make them care?

Perhaps the passing of such petty sorrows is irrelevant to the player. What concern have they for the plight of pixels? Perhaps forcibly crow-barring narrative into game-play is doomed to failure from the beginning. Perhaps gamers don’t wish for art and for emotion. Perhaps they wish for the ephemeral escapism that comes from bringing down the ever advancing waves of space invaders. The slow-burning glory that comes from high-scores and body counts.

Are we really that mindless?

I only wish to create something which makes people feel truly alive and challenges their perceptions. I want to generate the power of Aesop with the elegance of Shakespeare.

It’s fair to say that I want to make something special.. I want to make something which is truly Of Heaven.

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