There have been a great deal of happenings in Communist Russia with Nexus. It has had a significant redesign and now sports a new matching web 2.0 aesthetic and name. I give you (a WiP) Nimbus:


So why the change?

It was becoming increasingly apparent that the previous Gun Metal Grey look wasn’t really doing it for me. The whole thing just looked like a bad hax0r Winamp skin in that it was neither clean nor stylish and would have been perfectly at home on a teenagers desktop just peeking out from beneath World of Warcraft.

Members of the adventure gamer community (and indeed the indie gamer community as a whole) tend to be a little older and wiser than their AAA Call of Duty couterparts and I felt that a more modest colour scheme might be in order to reflect that. In other words, I don’t feel that the app needs to look like the side of a spaceship in order to capture the attention of my intended, non-astronaut audience.

And the name?

Well I like the format of ‘Nexus’ as a name. It is simple, short and scans nicely on a window. It was also almost thematically relevant since a nexus can be defined as a an interconnected network of nodes. Although, in reality that could apply to any webapp. However, the previous name was somewhat of a relic of the app’s former incarnation and didn’t really fit the new design aesthetic or philosophy and so it had to go.

After a whole 5 minutes of deliberation I decided that Nimbus was less generic than nexus albeit not a great deal more thematically relevant. And thus Nimbus was officially born. In my head at least.

What other new features can we expect?

I’m glad you asked, disembodied interviewer from the aether who’s existence allows me to format this blog post in a lazy fashion. Here is a quick list of features that I will elaborate upon in the upcoming days/weeks

  • Automatic Nimbus client update (Done)
  • Dos game support (Done)
  • Inter-User chat (Half done)
  • A more robust community system (Make Peder do it)
  • Universal configuration for AGS games (Will do when have stopped being lazy)
  • Play timer and other stats (Half done)
  • Achievements via AGS->Nimbus communication (Done, will blog about the technical aspects of this next)
  • In game notifications (Not done but I am fairly sure that this is possible without AGS modification)
  • Toaster Popups for notifications (Done, but only because they are called ‘Toaster Popups’)
  • Probably more (Obviously not done)

Watch this space!

I think I am due a blog update… this one is horrible. [Ed: This *is* the new blog damnit!]

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