It has come to my attention that I have not blogged for a while and so I feel like I should, ya know… blog.

Can blog be used as a verb really? It’s short for Web-log and thus an abstraction of ‘log’ but does one really say “I should log soon” unless they are, of course a logger but that’s a wholly different profession altogether.

One might write in ones log or log a particular event but one does not simply log.

Sorry where was I?

Right, Nexus!

Nexus is a project I’m currently working on which aims to be a ‘digital delivery platform’ for indie games. Initially it will be for games written in AGS engine only but I see no reason why it couldn’t be expanded.

Imagine a system whereby you could get news on all the new indie releases (with reviews embedded) and, if you like one, you can just click the ‘download’ button.

Nexus will then download, extract and install the game as a consequence of that single click without the need for any user intervention. The user never sees the archive or installation process.

Within Nexus I hope to implement some kind of community system whereby one can be updated on what their friends (as loosely as one uses the term on the internet) have downloaded, rated, favourited or whatever.

Developers will be able to post news about their games which will automatically be added to a news stream for each game which is all visible from within Nexus.

In later versions I will implement a system whereby the user can access the nexus interface within the currently running game.

Wish me luck.. I’ll update this blog with Nexus news along with game makey news.

Feature suggestions are welcome.

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