I titled this blog post before I had the slightest of inklings as to its contents. Sometimes, however it is therapeutic to write one’s self into the ground, circling the pen around one’s feet, digging deeper until you emerge out the bottom.. or run out of ink. I sometimes wonder if I can truly reach out to people with my chosen medium. Is it conceivable that people put such stock in mere┬ávideo games? It’s not that I feel it is an impediment to the actually tugging of the heartstrings but I feel it may be an obstacle, obscuring the very strings that need to be pulled. Are people conditioned to begin a video game with such low expectations that their[…]

So… When someone says ‘So…’ like that it sounds very much like they would like to get into your pants and this particular time is no different my friends. Man or woman, get em’ out. Wait, No. The snow is finally abating and today marks the first day in a while that I could drive to work without being afraid of wrapping myself inelegantly around a lamppost. Britain has been the target of much derision from our european friends. Specifically the ones who live on a planet where the inhabitants consider -20 celsius to be ‘a bit chilly..’. It’s not our fault we are terrible at extreme weather. It’s been bred into us over many generations of people who think[…]